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Samara Dec 2020
if i confide in you
i know that you will chide me
find blame in me
for what happened
that hurt me

so in time i learned
to trust no one
and to hide in a
dark closet corner
where i won't be seen
cowering or choking
on my screams.
The Napkin Poet Mar 2019
Find me
Cold in a corner
Scribbling over my tears
Exposed toes and clammy hands
Scribbling my inner demands

Find me
Lost in my own home
Head towards the ground
Making a cowering sound

Find me
Holding my head between my palms
Two elbows on the countertop
K Balachandran Jan 2019
Crimson forces of dawn,
Pardon cowering failed night;
Change of reign again!

— The End —