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Mikaela L Oct 2020
Why do people get louder when they are misunderstood?
Maybe each syllable becomes W  I  D  E  R, TALLER, simpler,
Maybe the alarming noise opens a path for the important,
Maybe there is no reason at all,
Maybe there is an element of Guernica in it,
Maybe, just like Picasso ... they just do it.
I've always wondered if it really works...
laveni Apr 2020
I had a dream
that someday
my screams
will sway
the people’s choice
but not by the waves
of my voice
but of my turns of phrases
Poetic T Apr 2020
Vibrational  hues eclipse
         my exterior ,
reverberating upon
                           my senses.

Parallel bars synchronize
around me, am I  a prisoner
as the resonation keeps
            me within this spot.

I can feel within a perfect
           storm of repetition.
Like chambers bouncing off
each other, trying to find a

I look at myself,
                      breaches spring forth,
this shell is to weak to keep me in.
        Shattering forth, I'm pure volume.

The bars start to spike, As I break free.
         We become harmonized,
what tried to bind is now part of my reality.
Growly Wolfus Aug 2019
Words can
Dousing all of
Senses with fierce emotions,

Smothering our logical thoughts and throwing off our
Poise.  They
Exaggerate what we
Actually mean and

Our inner selves,
Loving and carrying
Us to higher places,
Meaning things we don't understand.
Enough.  It's time to think before speaking.
Reimers Jul 2019
An auction was held at the gallery
Many from afar had come
He who loved the painting so dearly
Puts on his best suit and brought a large sum

For he dreamed this day to come
Finally, he and the painting can be one
Alas a person came that made him numb
Who commanded power and
money, outbid everyone

Stood there lifeless
Could not comprehend what happened
Nowhere to go, feeling hopeless
His once favorite spot now darkened

Missing is the painting he so loved
That  was taken from him in an instant
For once he never felt loved
And that dream is now very distant

Left the gallery soaked with tears
His heart has died and lost it spark
All alone with a couple of beers
Drunk and left dancing in the dark
Something I experimented along with the other 2 volumes
Reimers Jul 2019
Eyes only for it at the start
Claimed to never look away
Ignored and started falling apart
Eyes now set on a new display

Intense feelings were felt from the last
But comfort was provided by the new
Decided to move and forget the past
And embraced the one that understands his hue

Nervous for what he had done
A crime only his heart can tell
For he broke a pledge, saying she was the one
Now his heartaches, like being burned by the fires of hell

Questioned himself If it was wrong
To pursue something that gave him ease
Like dancing to a properly tuned song
The closest to what he can call bliss
Reimers Jul 2019
An ordinary guy nonetheless
Enters a gallery, full of wonders
Sighs can be heard, he was not impressed
About to leave, but heard thunder.

He stayed for the time being
Waiting for the storm to pass
He explored the entire building
And saw a painting, that he cannot bypass

For the painting bewitched him
Granted intense feeling of love and anxiety
He could not move a muscle, and it was on a whim
Staring at it like it was some kind of deity

No matter the occasion, he was there
Looking at the painting, like it was no object
Wishing he could hold it, but could only stare
For he wasn't worthy to have something so perfect.
Cat Lynn System Aug 2018
Stay up late on your computer, just to ignore whats in the background...

Blasting your speak or headphones to the highest volume found?

Eyes locked on whatever is attracting your mind to the screen

Consumed by your emotions and thoughts... the things unseen

Possibly in the dark, devouring food to satisfy the emptiness inside?

Deep in thought? Lost in people, dreams, and lies?

Oblivious to the time that slip through your fingers

Not to be disturbed by any forgotten chore that lingers

And sometimes... you may break out with a sigh...

That's slowly turns into a scream...and a mournful cry....
When your alone.. dont let your past or pain haunt you...the Lord is with you and always watching over you... he is there... he is listening...its easy to push away the pain l..but if not dealt with correctly and it can be a burden.. He can help you and will help you deal with it. He Loves you ♡♡♡ I know life is hard and dramatizing
AIA May 2018
Mass is not proportional to volume

A girl as small as a violet
A girl who moves like a flower’s petal
She attracts me with a force greater than her mass
Now, I
am like Newton’s apple
Rolled and fell toward her unstoppably
With a thump, a thump

My heart
Keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground
It was my first love.
Ps. This is written by a Korean Poet named Kim In-yook. I knew the poem because of the Korean Drama titled "Goblin" or "The Goblin's Bride" it was a hit Drama in Asia. So if you are curious of what the drama is, just watch it. Thank you.
PPS. I just posted this here to share it to you. and Again, Kamsahamnida! :) ♥
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