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uv Apr 2022
As I scroll down hello poetry
Why do I read so much grief , pain and unpleasantry?
I understand life gives its blows
But stand up tall, let bad's be lows..

The sun shall shine another day
So write with joy, so you forget the pain
Be a guide, show other's a way
The laughter you lost, will be back again.
I was just scrolling down the latest page of he po and realised there is so much pain...
Life is tough ..and rough ..I have had my share ..let's write something happy , to make the stree go away..
Brenda Mukisa Apr 2018
I'm so much into you it **** hurts.
Do not tell me that I'll move on because I will not.
I loved you yesterday, I love you now and I will love you tomorrow.
I just know I will.
I wanted to hug and kiss you so hard the first time you smiled at me.
But you are the strongest person I know and you go hard at stuff.
I was afraid you'd reject me hard as well.
You are the kind of girl that gives and withdraws your heart when ever you feel like it.
At-least you strike me as such.
Yet I just love you so hard any way.

You walked in today and all I'd think about was how much I'd missed you
I wanted to hug and hold you... so much
You just smiled at me while saying hello and went off to hug some one else.
I wished so much that it was me.
I watch you every day, every time I can.
You smile about the most normal things and worry too much when things do not go your way.
I wish I'd hold your hand through it all. the good and the bad.
To make you realize your not alone.
And you do not have to be.

I need you much.
some one I know inspired this poem. I just imagined what he feels.
KCatharsis Feb 2017
there are a few things that I often wonder,
distracting me from my daily schedule,
confusing me with each question about you, that I stumble.
I want to know *all
about you,
is that something you could render?

How could somebody so precious,
be so broken?
Somebody so sincere,
feel so much pain?
Somebody so innocent,
be left so heartbroken?
Who in their right mind would do something so horrendous to somebody,
who has been in so much vain?

You draw,
and I love it,
but why does your drawing only limit itself to your flesh?
Why does your inner self feel so scared to be expressed?
Why don't you give a chance?

You know that my gentle touch to your soul will be caressing.

I love you
and I could never say these things to you,
but loving you has been a pleasure.
Will always be the best feeling to me.
I could trade the whole world,
and still choose you over.
and only if,
you'd give me a chance.

Oh darling,
try giving me a chance?
You would be the happiest man at glance.
I would love you like I do today,  
and till time ends,
Be your constant till your last breath.

We wouldn't be complicated,
I wouldn't be anything like your past.
I would give you everything that you really deserve,
love you with all that I have,
only because I want to be your last.

we would be the power couple,
the ones who grow together,
all you have to do,
is let me in,
just give me a chance.

Try me, my darling.
'Being the matutine, and the night isn't that hard,
we could still interlace
and maybe,
just maybe,
be seen together,
happily on the card?

//the happiest thing I have EVER written.
Sam May 2015
Rage against the sadness
***** it if your poetry is badness
Hello! Poetry isn't for your complaints!
beep boop beep boop paints

Just remember - When the situation is dire,
(and this is from the king of the mire)
'What matters most is how well you walk through the fire'
#I wish i could write poetry but i can't so this is it can someone write a poem that is happy
Phoenix Rising Dec 2014
I hope you know what love really is

and if you don't, I hope you learn one day
That love isn't a possessive way
and if you let your ego lead
You are sure to feel jealousy, pain, and greed

Love takes maturity

because it doesn't always work out they way you'd like
You need to be able to understand so you won't have spite
Love goes deeper than skin
and it touches within

You want them to be happy and even if that means letting go*

A smile on your face will still exist
You are genuinely happy for them and love has taught you to subsist
They are still around breathing the air you breathe
and that alone will always keep you relieved

Love teaches lessons that stick with you till the end
How I have felt once in my life and am blessed to say I have experienced such. I still love him to this day and always will.
Phoenix Rising Oct 2014
Gritted teeth, anxious, smooth-toothed
Swirling pit, stomach twists and turns, old bath rag
Adrenaline, uncontrolled thoughts keeps me grounded, cigarette
Empty eyes, laughter, a smile

— The End —