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Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Curvatures make women beautiful
Curvatures make men masculine
Curvatures make designs  successful
Curvatures make day n night possible
Platitudes of planetary motions
Curvatures make alphabet possible
Writing poetry and prose possible
Universe expanding
Without curvature
Dooms day seems plausible
Collapsing to vanish forevever
Alien Nov 2020
Its as if we have become too lazy to even exist.
Kairosclere Jun 2020
It’s just
To write about 
Because while most people
Are monotonous
Objects at least
Have variety.
Lillian May Feb 2019
glimpses of surprise,
I think
     what a book it would make.

I hear the late afternoon cheer
         the honest type
                  lurking behind
                                old Sixth Avenue Road.
I suppose
it is not just a phenomenon of nature that goes instinctively on,
not the appalling detail of any large human scheme, eroded by schedules
But I accept it as one of the miracles.
(Which I never see anywhere else)
Destiny C Oct 2018
I can yell at my pen,
pull at my hand,
but there's no words this paper can comprehend.
My thoughts are stuck in a box,
stubbornly clustered together,
not willing to talk.
I try to persuade them,
but they crave my inner creativity,
not the monotonous reality I live in.
They want to dance in the rain,
swim in the ocean,
or even find a mysterious love potion.
But I can't take them there -
I don't know how to piece them together,
It is as if my artistic streak vanished in thin air.
Nick Strong Oct 2018
One by one,
We trudge
In the opposite direction
To the place we want to go
Work, Work, Work,
Press the button,
Again, Again, Again
Spaced intervals
Nine minutes
Fifty nine seconds
Not a nano less,
Not a second more

Big Red button
Press, Press, Press
Until the End
Daylight dies
One by One
We trudge
Back the Path we came
another sunset
Precedes another dawn

One by One
We trudge again
treadmill of drudgery
Work, Work, Work
Nine fifty seven
Nine fifty eight
Press the Big red button
At the Stress Mine

One by one
Trudging onwards
Souless, goaless
Encased in vulcanised rubber
Protected against
melt down
Chemical disintegration
Sneezes on this hive of workers
Press, Press Press
The button

Two by Two
Thoughts flow
Under the dim wattage
State controlled home lighting
Press, Press Stop
Don’t press the button
Would it make any difference to the
One by one daily trudge

Three by Three
The terror rises
Stop Pressing
The spinning top world
Would stop.
Anya Sep 2018
In second grade I got
an honorable mention
In the piano state

For those of you who don’t know
This competition has a first place,
I’ve forgotten the name
Runner up
And honorable mention
Below that was a 1
And a 2

I don’t know if
Only a certain number could
Be in each category
But I did know for each age level
There was certainly more than one

Either way, I was excited

The next year,
I got a 1

The year after that,
I broke down crying
And got a 2

The year after
I got a 1

The year after
I got a 1

The year after
I got a 1

The year after
I got a 1

And no that was not a mis
That was really how it was

I switched piano teachers
And vowed I’d do better this time
But I spent most of my summer
Out of town
And I didn’t get the practice
I needed

The year after
I got a 1

This year,
I’m participating
Once again

And I’m tired
At the monotony of it all

Can I actually
Overcome my laziness and time restrainsts and practice
The amount I need?
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