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Emma Pratt Mar 2021
i just
i hate it

you know

that feeling of

of emptiness

and just
a big empty hole
in your chest

not being able to do anything
yet having to ignore it
and move on

and move on

i just wish something
or someone could fill it

i wish someone cared enough
enough to stop
and help me figure out what the hell i'm doing

and what the hell i'm supposed to do
because this hole in my chest just keeps aching

and i don't know what to do anymore

i don't know
i don't know
i don't know

why don't you care

i just want someone to care

because sometimes i think i care too much
but then my chest hurts again
so i don't care enough

and my heart is playing tug of war

but eventually my heart will rip
in half

i just wish you cared
i just wish
Emma Pratt Feb 2021
i just think
that if i was gone
then it wouldn't matter

it wouldn't matter

Emma Pratt Feb 2021
i’m so lost and

tired of my tears
and my screams
leaving me silent

my hoarse voice
and tear stained cheeks
mean nothing to you

there is no remorse
or guilt
in the way you treat me

i’m sorry
you say
but those words are hollow

and hold
no meaning to me

they are locked in a box
deep inside my mind

is this what love is

you have broken me
and now i don’t know
who i can trust

i’m afraid i am no longer

my body and mind
are in too many pieces
for someone to try and put me back together

but that word
is another word i have locked away

because you have taught me
that to try
is to fail

and to speak
is to disappoint

but as you taught me
you beat me down
so now

after you
there is nothing left of me
for someone else to love

and how do i explain
why i have nothing left
and that the scars covering every inch of me
are from you

how do i explain
why i think this is love
Emma Pratt Feb 2021
i’ve been told once before
that when you stare into the Darkness
it begins to stare back at you

until i visited
your grave
i never believed Them

i sat and stared
at the nameless headstone
callously placed amongst the shadows
and i mourned

my tears falling delicately
on the loose soil that concealed what was left of you

until i held your hollow lifeless Skull
in my trembling fragile hands

and met your tender gaze
Emma Pratt Feb 2021
my cold dead heart was made
absolutely empty
they tell me i can
take a knife to it


it would be,
for me,
to face myself

with my soul
having been stained
inspired by the fragments of Sappho
Emma Pratt Feb 2021
this thing we
to call beautiful


takes his time and
stirs up still things
hidden inside
exhaust the mind


settles down and
infests, but

come o beloveds of
darkness and decay

for day
    is near
inspired by the fragments of Sappho
Emma Pratt Feb 2021
i frequently
weep in silence -
for those i treat well

are the ones who most of all
seek yet to harm me
and label me crazy

because of this
i am lost
and confused

and you,
     i want
               you to suffer
the insanity -

in myself i am aware of this

but the one i call ‘you’ is simply
    and i find that i
          am the cause
                 of my
inspired by the fragments of Sappho
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