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Feb 25
Circle round once more...
Perhaps it is different now...
infinite glass wall...
Inspired by of course a goldfish swimming around circles and it's bowl...I had several goldfish in bowls for a little while until I determined that it was too tedious to clean each individual bowl and bought a large tank to keep them in ...they were so happy to be transferred into the tank that they swam around together for quite a while after being reintroduced to each other.

This can also be read figuratively as sort of the futility of rote dull work... I don't know pretty much everyone's felt trapped in an invisible shell that they feel like they're running circles around in occasionally...

Either that or futility meets optimism hahaha

Emily Mitchell
Written by
Emily Mitchell  37/F
       Fawn, Archer, reuben, JC, Michael Stefan and 4 others
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