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Ruheen Jul 2020
They do have the best stories.
May not be very bubbly
Or comedic,
But thrilling,
At the least.
The most fascinating
If my life was a book,
What genre would it be?
I don't think there's a genre for lonely,
Not lonely from other people,
But lonely from myself,

But that's not me,
Not constantly,
There are just days the sun shines,
And the rays seem to miss my face,

It wouldn't be a tragedy,
Even though there are days I think it could be,
I don't believe that my life is tragic,
Tragic things just happen sometimes,

I wouldn't call it a comedy,
No matter how much I'd like for it to be,
I can't imagine how easy it would be,
To only have to laugh,

If this is supposed to be a romance,
The author is doing a **** poor job,
I can't think of anything less romantic,
Then the way that boys have treated me,

But I know life's not that simple,
To be pinned down by just one word,
It leaves the good things or the bad things,
One or the other gets left unheard,

Life is complex and stories,
So many things have happened to me,
There are so many things that I've been,
So many things I want to be,

If my life was book,
The genre wouldn't matter to me,
The important question is,
Would it be a book worth reading?
This is 100% just cheesy and not my best work but I still enjoy it.
Your heart dances a
Funky little beat,
And your jazzy fingers
Strum right along
To the song.
A sugar sweet soul
Made of rock and roll.

Indie lips sing
With an alternative twist,
A little reggae in your step.
Behind your lips, a classical dance;
Oh love, give the world a chance.
A musical melting ***, mon chèri.
Darling, you’ll be legendary.
Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
When you

In my case
Verses switched
The genre

Even I
Do not noticed

I felt that
Signature imprints

When you
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Inspiring Vibes || Soul of the thought
Euphie Jan 2019
Those little moans,
the thrusting of the hips,
the hush of the mouth,
the rosy cheeks,
that is all you need
when it comes to me.
EmperorMoth Jan 2019
Localize broken eyes,
Fated lies, go retry
Snapping till you awake,
Come back for your own sake,
Testing blows, it's music,
Melodies make me sick,
Hefty stack on the way,
Laughing out, celebrate,
Open skies, nothing new,
Sun outshines all the blue,
Flooded land, rushing green,
Endless too, such a scene,
Fleeing fast, go away,
Made money for the day,
Fortunate, for my head,
Checkmate, kings, i'm not dead
Z Sep 2018
An imprint on your face and my mind,
Your dimples curved like gentle commas
demanding I pause to trace those lines
Between kisses of every genre
I tried to protect you by not remembering when the rabbis were teachers
and preachers we're on the beaches
Wishes were had in between sheets
Catfish spoken riddles but truthfully
Beautiful ripples in *******

So I was going to invite you over for txgiving but all pathology from the dsm-5 was represented.  When I say over, I mean to KFC-
cousin Larry had to work but all the coleslaw and breadcrumbs you can swallow. How bout you did you get stuffed by the poultry-geist?
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
1 day back,
“Can you write something ?”, she asked

About what?
[few seconds of silence]

“Me”, she replied in barely audible voice.
I was not expecting, and had nothing in my vocabulary.

“Okey, I will try.”, she heard.
“But promise me, you will not feel bad.”, I added.

“Why to be?”, she smiled.

Because based on genre, my words need to change the track.

Your choice,
Options as follows:

S­he was speechless.

I got my Space

She understood more than I said.
Theme: Space Management.
A velvet smooth muskrat
her peltry in woods abandon safe harbor
as though a fir tree can alight her gain

yet beneath her surface
that cast doubt in a loom
where her shape desire it
but a charlatan begun ahem

if Tom sheath his wrench
and tries to loosen her again
in Bensalem tonight.
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