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where shall one begin with an unknown task
as there's not a manual of instruction
to follow in the exact construction
yet one cannot be phased by its ask
ad-libbing may get knitted on the bask
so why allow any type of obstruction
it'll mean one is certain for destruction
on-ward till there's a near finished cask
Milton supplied the writing assignment
hence one took a huge risk attempting it
his format came without apt document
the sonnet improvised every bit
a plan not seen anywhere to complement
the novice didst garner abundant wit
Luna Casablanca Feb 2016
I miss you so horribly I have a heartache just to hear your voice.
I want you so badly I get sad just remembering how you used to wait for me.
Then you ran away.
This distance put you in better shape and gave you a better mind, a better girl, and a perfect life.
You were the best part of that day.
I shook and couldn't sleep all night just knowing someone liked me the way I was.
The way I was got to be too much for you to see and hear.
You are gone. Never thought I'd have to put it in words.
My words were threats and power to you.
Every other man down brings me back to you.
You are one of not that many who liked me the way I was.
I hate living with myself and having my baggage to carry,
So it's you who gets to be gone,
and you who gets love.
I'm not fighting for her to be me, since birth I've been fighting to be loved for the way I was.
But I know deep inside you were never phased to begin with.
That's why.
It's rare to find someone who accepts my differences. So it makes it hard to get over men who show interest.

— The End —