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kristian Mar 29
at the moment
i feel down
am i entering hell
or has hades already accepted my soul

at the moment
i seek no light
i have tried
i have been trying

at the moment
i see nothing but fear
for future, past, and present
despite your words

at the moment
i need to escape
run the endless run
'till i fall apart

kristian Mar 29
the tallest man on earth stands two feet above me
my head at the height of his chest
a heartbeat so profound and loud
he must feel taller than me
but does he really
he might look down on my faded brown dyed hair
but his ego won't compete with mine
I feel sorry for the conceptions
he might reach heaven's gate
but he is not an inch away
from hell
kristian Mar 3
did it feel good?
sitting there, intoxicated by devils blood
another night washed away
followed by that soughtfull delay

did that feel good?
seeking a pair of glass eyes
a set that's making you question your disguise

was it pleasant?
how you swallowed the past
and cleared out your oesophagus

was it all worth it?
feeling that euphoria
kristian Feb 27
your touch releases a chemical
that nurtures my brain
into thinking love is
what exists between
the two of us
but as dreadfull as the
night can feel
one touch does
not turn these bodies
into shadows
kristian Feb 26
yesterday i drowned myself
in a bottle of red wine and some gin
i tried to stop breathing
but ended up gasping for
even more air.
kristian Feb 26
it's sad
how it's all true
it's no dream, no fantasy
it's the reality
and it doesn't matter
how bad you want it
to be a dream
it is
and it will always be
nothing but the truth

— The End —