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Mel K Oct 2018
It's an endless sensation..every second I spend caressing your silk skin. Every reaction right up to the breath that leaves you fires me're a goddess and you spill your heart out on the sheets.

The way you shiver when we **** is the way my heart palpitates and I'd explode inside you countlessly if the consequence were non existent.
A love letter.
  Aug 2018 Mel K
Tufayl Myburgh
Roses are red

Violets are blue

But roses aren't really red they're kinda this weird shade of apple

And violets are far from blue, they're actually purple

See these are the lies we tell ourselves so the rest of our stories make sense,

Like I keep telling myself that "I love you's" are best said in twos

But I think the chances of that these days are about as good as trying to find a violet that's actually blue so

In that case

Roses are apple

Violets are purple

Good luck trying to finish that one

Because my "I love you's" are lonesome.
My take on a classic
  Jul 2018 Mel K
Tufayl Myburgh
We will carry this silence between us

And let the atmosphere tell our story

Because we both know we won't.

I love you is too generous for you

And I hate you is too permanent for me

And we've both agreed there's no in between.

So we will carry this silence between us.

As the atmosphere tells our story

Where we will both be waiting

For one of us to break the silence.
Idk how to feel anymore
Mel K Apr 2018
My complexity was never in the things I said or did, but in the ways I couldn't help myself from saying and doing them.

It's the way.
A small thought of my experience as a deeply feeling person.

It's really short I hope the message is clear.
Mel K Apr 2018
Perhaps you and I are an eclipse
and our life spans are the time before and after it. As to make sure it only happens once.

And we will glance at one another for a long moment before our fingertips slip through the space between our hands like desert sand.

One last time I will tell you how the stars were always just the light in your eyes, shining through the cracks in my bedroom ceiling and I was merely the darkness inside the room.

If I could stand on my tippy-toes, the way you like it, I would lasso planet HAT-P-7bĀ and place it in your chest between those stars that made you.

But you will vanish from my sight and take my universe with you. And I, spacebound, will travel another 7 years into the next lifetime to find your arms around me in the morning.

Even if our next eclipse lasts only 7 minutes and 31 seconds.
if you like astronomy you will know why that planet is so special. ***
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