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be gentle with yourself;

your scars tell a story;
of survival;
of bravery;
of a new frontier;

your wounds will heal;
it may take some time;
but those scars are important roadmaps
to your body;

be gentle with yourself
Erian Rose May 12
Her eyes blossom of frosty summers
kissed in gentle storms
of cocoa and honey
Love has a gentle grace
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth on Mother’s Day

Love has a gentle grace; you have not seen her
unless you’ve looked into your mother’s eyes
and seen her faith
—serene, composed and wise—
that you’re the center of her very being
(as once, indeed, she carried you inside.)

Love has no wilder beauty than the thought
that you’re the best of all she ever sought.

(And if, perhaps, you don’t believe my song,
can your mother be wrong?)
Memories of this lady never leave my mind.
she wasn't a rider, but acted better than one,
riding high above many hurdles in life...fear
never took her away from her responsibilities...

when the fuse in the main switch gave
way, and dimmed the old house, this lady
braved the dark...armed with a flashlight
and pliers, she replaced the burnt fuse with
a new one and brought light back.....each
time the old-fashioned flat iron overheated,
she easily replaced the glass-like insulator  
inside, so it could right away be used again...

whatever needed repair---garment, tools,
the fence, the house...ripped, or with holes,
she mended and patched...even blind-hemmed
a torn relationship once...yes, she mended
cracks...was always in the midst of broken
vases, gluing pieces back together, so she
may put water and lovely flowers in it...

nothing was impossible for this gentle lady...
she moved mountains for her loved ones,
always persevering and ingenious, life
became less difficult...she painted their
young minds with a mix of hues,
so they may appreciate and be
grateful for rainbows and yellow sunrises,
learn to accept black, gray, unhappy moments,
and be thrilled by fiery orange sunsets....

this lady is indispensable...and irreplaceable,
SHE, and others like her, are called mama,
muter, mom, mum, majka, inay/nanay, mae,
matka, madre, mom....ahh, the list is long...


Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
May, 8, 2020
(SHE... was our late mama.)

Are you still harsh?
Why am I still scared of you?
Slow down and tell me,
Do you love like a sister now?
Can you protect like a brother?

I need to know
See, I took all this time to ease the pain inside
Stitch all the wounds and cover the scars within

I'm learning to love again
It's a process
It might be too slow for you, I fear
Is it safe?
Is there any need for all this amour?

Please let me know in time...
I'm not ready for the world outside, I hope it's gentler now....
Tara Apr 19
Gentle, gentle, she sets the snare,
gentle, my love, soft strokes in my hair
Careful, careful, her kiss ghosts across mine,
careful, my darling, tongue dripping with wine.

Caress me, gentle now, don't be afraid,
show me your sweetness, show me you're brave
Kiss me, careful, give me your touch,
show me how you love me ever so much.

Soft, gentle little thing, expose yourself to me,
I can show you what it truly means to be free
Play with me, dance for me again and again,
dance with me, my darling, in the cold, dark rain.
Stay With Me Tonight
by Michael R. Burch

Stay with me tonight;
be gentle with me as the leaves are gentle
falling to the earth.
And whisper, O my love,
how that every bright thing, though scattered afar,
retains yet its worth.

Stay with me tonight;
be as a petal long-awaited blooming in my hand.
Lift your face to mine
and touch me with your lips
till I feel the warm benevolence of your breath’s
heady fragrance like wine.

That which we had
when pale and waning as the dying moon at dawn,
outshone the sun.
And so lead me back tonight
through bright waterfalls of light
to where we shine as one.

Originally published by The Lyric. Keywords/Tags: love, stay, tonight, gentle, bright, touch, whisper, face, hands, lips, breath, wine, moon, sun, light, earth, leaves, petal, petals, bloom, blooming, waterfalls, shine, shining
queenofwands Apr 12
Your hands cupping my face
Strong & grounded
Gaze piercing through me like you'd
Never seen anything more beautiful.
What an honour to know a love like this
You lean in
Your soft lips brush mine
Tastes like love.
The tenderness of a lover
Like bread fresh from the oven
Warm & soft & gentle
Fills up the whole body
As it finally reaches my mouth
A deep sigh releases from my lips
At last,
I am home.
I don't want  you to wake  up
And feel my love  

I dont want you to wake up feeling cold at the middle of the night

So I will warmly embrace you
Gently as you embrace us
Feeling your each and every void
I want you to feel adequate
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