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Each and every drop
Won't change anything

Tiny bit of yours
Maybe won't feel a thing

How is it possible
For you to turn and tell

Was it the game of life
Forces you to make that choice
Next to me
Sometimes you're under my nose
Sometimes you're across the bed
As if its too far

You hate the yellow light
I can't be in the dark
I hate the dark

All you need to know
One thing I hope will never change
Is how you make me feel
I feel good under my own skin
You are here but I can't feel you
You are near but this is going too far

I'm sorry to make you feel this way
As if there's no longer us in the universe.

Come back
Please come back when you know what is what.

Let's talk and this time
I promise I'll be better.
I wish I could tell
Black and white
I wish I'll always
Know the truth
I wish this happiness
Stay with us forever
So overwhelmed
It makes me wanna cry
I wish I love God better
Wished I'm His favorite
But I know
You know
We'll never know
Some might say
That's a stupid play
I'd say it's a chosen path
To be or not to be
With the one
Who wants you or never want to

Some would say
It's a mistake
I'd say it's a memory lane
To keep it or to throw it away
It's always your choice
Would you throw me away
for someone new?
We are never alone
Alone doesn't exists for us
There are witnesses
Guardians and angels
Watching over us
Never leaves us alone

They're not there for you
But they're watching over you
The sky and the stars too
That's the truth
In all time and space
We're protected
They were too clear
I could feel the hate
The regrets
It felt sad and once I woke up
I feel sick
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