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For years, I have lived with such anger,
I see no future in sunrise;
I see no hope for green
I store at the endless horizon
With my sorrows gnaw at my soul
The pain of addiction gnawing at my veins
and my slow decline
Lifeless, store in to the dark horizon
Awaiting death, the inevitable
Bound by the chains of prejudice
in solitude, castle of regret build.
Was once touched by the ray of hope
Lighting those rusted lamps of joy
Lifting me from dungeons of doom
Only to the lift at the epoch
Grief, I hold thee close
For thou, my only companion
I see no future in sunrise
I see no hope for green
I store at the endless horizon
slowly eating me from inside
Until death appears as a happy welcome...!
But to blame anyone for my rage is unjust.
No one is responsible for my fury,
Though I may think so, my eyesight is simply blurry
Anger is seeking a new slave;
As for me, I’d rather be brave,
Before anger puts me deep down in a grave.
Let me unfold the mystery and feel the pulse of nature;
We must protect it, for society to thrive.
I want to hear the sound of waterfall and poetry of birds;
Creates oxygen, that we all consume,
I want to smell the flowers and puddle in the mud.

Let me go to the meadows and romance with the nature;
Beauty of nature, we all love to see,
From tiny insect to exotic tree.
I want to sleep on the green bed and watch the blue dreamy sky;
I want to cross the dessert and drink from the ocean.

Our environment, keeps us alive,
We must combat, deforestation,
It is the duty of every single nation.
So much life and diversity,
You can learn more,

Climate change, we need to control,
Think together, to find a solution.
We must remember, to respect and cherish,
If we don't, nature shall perish.
Oh, the ballerina girl, she reminds me of
her grace poise and innate beauty that
given by God's love

She leaps high in the air and comes down like a
and reach to the ground with her tip toes
and capture your heart and soul with her
spell that no others can see except with
magical display

Oh pretty ballerina with a bow in your hair
How i envy the way the world spins around you

The intensity of her voice has swept the
world off its feet,
And the gentleness of her life has lingered
in my soul.And I sit breathless with the
world watching her die,
watching her dance.

Her elegance cast a silhouette,
That beautifies the world,
She's the Ballerina,

A Ballerina dance is such a magic
Many hearts find themselves lost, it's tragic
In spring it sprouts its tender, green shoots
With a gardener’s soft, whispering touch
In summer it flourishes:

Strong, brown branches clothed in a silk green garment
It takes a few years of careful tending to mature
I remember playing hide-and-seek; climbing

up thin branches, or crouching in the undergrowth.
I think I was too young
            to understand back then: I thought of time

as a steadily growing tree
that I hadn’t yet started climbing.
           Once, you saw my head peeking out from the apple tree.

I'd like a tree to mark the spot
Where I am laid to rest
           For that would be the epitaph, That I would like the best.

You said that soon, I’d always be looking down
at you like that; that time
            passed too quickly. I think I grew younger

You told me once that growing
up was like walking up a downwards escalator.
       My heart is glad, my heart is high with sudden ecstacy!

Grow thou and flourish well,
Ever the story tell of this glad day;
            I have given back, before I die, Some thanks for my lovely apple tree
A place where I can touch rainbow,
Dark clouds have blocked the road,
Speed is however quite slow,
but one day I will feel that glow....
Crossing this wide sea
i glide above cruel waves
that reach up to drown my flight
in their cold deep
blue-green graves
I hope you find the kind of happiness
that exists on your own terms.
I hope you truly take the time to fig-ure out
what moves you,
what encourages your soul,
what you deeply crave from life,
and I hope you have the courage
to chase that. I hope you have the courage to believe
that you are deserving of everything you de-sire,
that you are capable and worthy of curating
the kind of life for yourself
that sparks something within you.
You have a fire inside of you—
I hope you never let convenience,
or comfort,  or the easiness of stand-ing still put it out.
I hope you show the world what you can
do with all of that passion inside of you.
I hope you find someone who quickly
becomes your favourite thing—someone
who makes the fall less fearful,
someone you can't help but choose every single day.
I hope you find someone who shows you just
how deeply you can feel,
just how deeply you can love.
I hope you find something real,
because nothing is more beautiful
than loving someone who loves you back.
Nothing is more beautiful than loving someone
who builds you a home in their heart.
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