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TlvGuy Jun 2017
I saw him on a subway train
We looked on each other
The whole ride.
Not a single word,
No secret smiles.
Just a look,
deep in the eyes.

Maybe imagining the life
We could have together
Sitting on the white sand
Of Coney Island beach,
Enjoying our cosy home,
Getting warm near a fire place
On amazingly snowing day.

And then a cruel squeaking wheels noise made him leave the train
And took all our dreams away.

We won't see each other again.
See you in another life
My love
TlvGuy Jul 2014
My eyes can't lie
But now you can fool me
You're all alone trying
But now they only stare
Like nothing happened.
Maybe Some day
They will say some truth
TlvGuy Jun 2014
The night is dark and empty
The stars are my witnesses
Only wanderers around far desert campfire
Will understand a lonely heart
TlvGuy Jun 2014
They have their inner beauty
I know what others say
But for your sake only
I ask just this: Lets pray
And when they sudden reach you
Nothing could bring you back
Cause when they sudden reach you
The rope is on your neck
TlvGuy Jun 2014
My neighbor
Steals my morning newspaper
Off my doorstep every day
For years
And now, he moved on
Maybe to another city
Maybe he's dead

As for Me,
I was left here
With unnecessary newspapers
And no one to focus
My burning hate on
TlvGuy Jun 2014
Revine me and I'll revine you
Repost me and I'll repost you
Like me and I'll like you
Follow me and I'll follow you

We always expect to get something
Instead of just do the right thing
For others
For us.
TlvGuy Jun 2014
And when he cries I talk
And when he smiles I joke
But when he lies I smoke
And knock
And lock
And walk
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