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I know this smile.
So similary kind.
I see this light.
Upon the sky.
I hear the laugh.
Soft like a fusion.
No, no, no more confusion.
The books is on the shelf.
My eyes, where is my eyes?
Ah, here, right on you!
drew May 24
I desperately want us to be the same person

I desperately love to cling

To every common

And claim it

For the both of us
Umi Apr 2018
Constallations, a septette for shining stars
Seven in number, aline like no other, a fusion sign in melting white,
Caught in stellar evolution in the arts of the nuclear, they expand,
Red giants, the final step in their life, before they either blow the layer off gently tossing it into the depth of space, or they go out with a bang
The fall of these great stars, gifting light which is likely to grow life,
A nova which drags their orbital children to the deepest abyss releasing enough energy for a heavenly meltdown breaking hell loose
Stars, standing upon the pillars of creaton planted in there like trees,
Polaris, burn bright in white till you blow up, hell fire don't go out,
In line, with the others, you form a radiant great, or rather big dipper,
Oh you blazing fixed star, northern, luminous and majestic, shine on,
Let this dream fill you up with energy, rumbling deep inside, still you are satisfied, with the reactions, with speed much greater than sound,
A force which would easily break the earths ground, shatter it within moments of a violent dance of might and power beyond any reason,
For the millions, the septentrion shall shine on in a changing dipper,
Until the moment they die.

~ Umi
AtMidCode Nov 2017
Ears straining to hear
Skin trying to feel
My eyes can see
The olden times, the antiquity.

Recognizing--your voice, features, habits
Feeling the longing and relief. Familiarity.
We're two energies joining
And with our forces fusing . . . again.
An anxious amortal
allowing an amoral
achieve an attitudal
agressive and aversion against
any and all
and almost annihilating
although all
aforementioned actions
are absolutely

An amiable
and architectural abuse
at an alphabet achieved
after aesthetically
arranging ample
alternatives alone,
amounting an acclamation.

An affinity at
awkward avante-garde arts
arising at
an astronomical acceleration,
aside an archaic
argumentum ad
antiquitatem argument
awfully appraising
an atheistic and agnostic
alive and apparently
alright after asphyxiation,
alluding an astral authority
absolving accusations
and all allegations.

An advantageously
astute and adroit assassin
always actively
acting and assaulting
alone, ain't assisted
antiquating auxillaries

An alliteratious afterfocus:
Aborting all anticipations.
Anticipating affirmative antagonizations.
All are alright.
Already airtight.
Adios, amigos.

Author: anonymous,
an acorn-afflicted,
assassinatrix affiliate.
attributed as Agent Argent.
04 July 2016


© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Apachi Ram Fatal Jun 2017
futile illusion light ray intrusion senses freight refuting fright images
imagination eye ignite\
peer stare sight straight threw aspect ratio view totality indicate follow
inundated by reality\
asphyxiate choke the breath bliss the heart speeding back to her needs
crouching eternally desperate for his goddess of reality accepting her gift
of vivacity\
tiger rip mortality half bare hidden pierce through rears dragon appear
fierce tare morality\
translate emotions feeling resilient cross distances redirect dawns
resplendent galvanize repentance vandalize despairs loneliness regurgitate desire lure\
molecular igneous magic electronic extension unseen connecting
common style
Cecelia Francis Jun 2016
If fusion were just
a cheap trick to
make gems stronger,

then would Garnet
have even found
Sapphire and Ruby
to begin with?

Is our comfort made
from presence or
conversation and
which is stronger?

The side effect of
unconditions is that
thing expectation
dreads; some book
already read

turned its page and said:
I am made of love, boldly
with inflated lungs, but

what is love
even made of?
Steven universe
PJ Poesy Feb 2016
I don't know who I am again
lost myself around apex
of that last orbit

Flung tumultuously around
and around

Shooting stars
unlike guided missiles
haven't a trajecting
idea where they're going

Some land on something
Others fizz out

This blip, having known that
Big Bangster Gangster
which projected each ion
on some other
had no bigger picture in mind
and is likely still
making it up
as we go along

So, I tip my hat to Milky Way
and pray for fusion
upon something
freely radicalized
Space relativity, balance of cosmos, I think we're deeply part of it. As we explore and learn, new questions apply. One answer may not work for another.
Epic Monkey Feb 2016
We are not just similar
We are parallel !
In this cruel world of all kinds of vectors
It's either an invariable distance
Or a fully superposed confusion
No single intersection
And we lie there
stubborn and hopeless
Craving a translation

We are not just similar
We are parallel !
Our limits confined to a single plane
As life flows in all directions
We miss the marvels around us
In every remaining dimension
And we lie there
Blind and shameless
Craving a translation

Louder words
Barely heard
Answers clouded by blur of ignorance
Questions falsely trigger negative emotion
Chaos in misplaced transference
As mazes form from conversation
And we lie there
Deaf and clueless
Craving a translation

Not even a cascade of tears
Can bend us to converge
Tried turning the other cheek
We failed again to merge
Until one day, we exhaust our energy
Shields get broken, armor gets heavy
Only our inner demons left unstained
But they decided to flee our weak body
So we **** the pride with a suffocating hug
Bend the frown with a devastating kiss
Poison the anger by our cleansing drug
We let go of our ego, off to our bliss
And we lie there
Victorious and united
Achieving a translation

Then days go by as we oscillate
to the finish line in this dance of fate
We survive, it seems
We relive on the extremes
Aligned in happiness
or divergent in depression
In mystical perfection
or in catatonic emptiness
Stubborn and stiff
Blind and deaf
Clueless, shameless, hopeless
Craving irreversible translation

But we are not just similar
We are parallel !

~Epic Monkey
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