Raziel Mar 10
Walls of stone, a door of steel,
He brings them up to protect against all that’s unreal,
But is he really protecting himself from the idea of something real,
Or is he hiding the fact that he doesn’t want to heal?
Raziel Mar 9
“This isn’t pain,” she said.
“Then what is it?” asked the man of her dreams.
“This,” she whispered, “This is raw agony.”
Raziel Feb 5
We are both masters of our trade,
I draw you in, a dance of twin blades,
But beware, I will turn brother on brother,
And from the path of loyalty you shall wander..
  Feb 3 Raziel
Aries* - Tell me why you keep picking at the scars on your heart. Why won’t you let the wounds mend?

Taurus - How come every time someone asks you to describe ‘home’, the only thing that comes to your mind is their eyes and the sound of their heartbeat?

Gemini - Why does you heart still ache when you see them together? Is it because they never left or they did, but you’re still there?

Cancer - Do you still think about them? Late at night when the world is asleep? Do you think of how many times you could have saved them but never found the strength to save yourself first?

Leo - Tell me about 'almost’. How you were almost good enough. How they almost wanted you. They almost stayed. But you were there. forever.

Virgo - Be honest, why do you look away when someone makes eye contact with you? Do you see them in everyone? Their eyes are ones you will never forget.

Libra - What happened to them? The one you once told everything to? Your stomach still drops at the sound of their name doesn’t it? Why do you put all your strength into bringing them back when you know that they’re gone

Scorpio - You spend years building up walls hoping someone will break them down, but it’s getting lonely isn’t it? You’ve been on your guard for so long, tell me about the nights you try to put the pieces of your heart back together

Sagittarius - Why do you still hold on to every moment that defined them? Ever since they left, you’ve been drinking liquor the way they had it.

Capricorn - When was the last time you looked in the mirror and recognized your reflection? How long have you been faking a smile to hold back all the pain?

Aquarius - Do you ever wonder if the reason why you feel so empty, is because you let so many take pieces of you, you didn’t think you’d ever need. They made themselves from all the love you could give.

Pisces - Why can’t you forget them? Is it because they promised they would never leave, or a part of you still has hope that they will come back?
Raziel Jan 26
Perception is an injection,
of either hope or despair,
and I've come to find that it,
either burns or repairs,

I have a gun to my head,
And I can't pull the trigger,
But I dare you to proclaim me dead,
On this last night of winter,

And my innocence flows from my hands,
I just want to be free,
But there are simply too many things I don't understand,
And there is a battle in my head that I did not decree,

And I thought I had a friend,
I thought I had a lover who had a gentle hand,
Rather than a tongue made of silver thread,
So one after another, the tears I shed,

And I’m being sewn into a quilt of myself,
False Representations are the patterns we use,
And my hope is imbued into the emerald felt,
That is used to seal me into this abuse,

And if only you knew how i’m losing this war,
If only you knew that my personal hell has an open door,
Waiting and waiting, for someone to hear me scream,
Waiting and waiting, for you to rip open the seams,
But I learned a lesson that day,
That not every ocean will have a bay,
So I stand here in defeat, only to fight, rinse and repeat,
I learned that not everyone you meet will leave you complete,

Not everyone you love will stay
Not everyone you trust will be loyal,
Some people only exist,
As examples of a life that is soiled,

And some days I feel it all at once,
Some days I feel nothing at all,
I don't know what's worse,
Drowning beneath the waves or dying of thirst,

I think to myself,
How I wished upon fountains of stars,
Let my dreams come from the shelves,
But it was just a world of wars,

Sometimes I wonder,
How sweet it must be,
To feel all the pain at once,
Then sink into an endless sleep,

So tell me,
One cut,
Two cuts,
Three cuts,
Tell me…...what's one more?
  Jan 10 Raziel
I Was Sorry Once
I don't even care what it says
just as long as it's out of my head
Raziel Jan 10
Follower of none, protector of one,
A door once open, oh what happened?
Chains once firm, when will I learn?
What once was dawn, has now become dusk,
Now I am cold, and I was once told,
“follow or fall, crawl down this hall,
Bow and grovel, conform to your mold,
You are a sin, let go of your hopeless hold,
No one can help, not even your kin,
So trust me when I say don't trust,
Follow me when I say don't follow,
A cell is just another word for home,
This bed is where you wallow,
I hear the dirt of a grave,
Is just a blanket so plain,
Deeper you fall,
Down this hall,
Chains once firm,
Door once open,
Follower of one, protector of none.
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