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Raziel 4d
Love is a violent act.
I mean, how does something,
So sweet and lovely,
Make you ready to commit,
Brutality and adultery,
And render us so incapable,
Of thinking past jealousy?
With red words fogging our eyes,
And a black void echoing between our ears,
I think love is a violent act.
For nothing like it,
Motivates us to tear down cities,
Dance in the ruins,
And rebuilt something new,
All for one person.
Love is a violent act,
That makes us take our hearts,
Pry, rip and tear slowly from our chests,
And lay it as an offering,
To someone who doesn't want it.
Love is such a violent act,
Melting our brains and controlling our tongues,
Numbing us to the fact that if we care, we will hurt,
Giving us an addiction worse than that to drugs,
God, it made us do so many things we shouldn't have done.
Love is such an unforgivable,
Raziel May 21
If you are to ruin me,
Do me a favor and do it poetically,
So that I may live on in the stars,
And dance inside the moon,

If you are to ruin me,
Give me a chance to live,
Let me paint my colors across the sky,
Let me join my friends among the constellations,

If you are to ruin me,
I want to keep at least one piece,
So that it may grow and bloom,
Into something worth remembering,

If you are to ruin me,
Just give me the chance to surrender,
Surrender to adventures and experiences without you,
Surrender to sunrises and sunsets without you,

If you are to ruin me,
Do not take away my ability to create,
Do not damage me beyond repair,
Do not take away the colors inside of me,

If you are to ruin me,
Just let me fall,
So that maybe my landing,
Will be worth writing,

Because if you are to ruin me,
I want them all to know how it happened,
I want them to know the tragedy in how we met,
I want them to know the mystery in the connection,

Because if you are to ruin me,
I want them to know that there were flames,
That there were explosions and sparks,
That we burned loud and powerful,

Because if you are to ruin me,
I want them to know that I died at the touch of your healing hands,
That I died a writers death among the stories of your eyes,
That I died a painters demise between those wild cherry lips,

Because if you ruin me,
I want them to know that you are still so perfect,
That you have a galaxy trapped in your heart,
And that you have storms and hurricanes in your soul,

If you are the one to ruin me,
I want you to know that it’s okay,
You are a beautiful universe of endless possibilities,
You are an untamable storm of breathtaking spires of emotion,

If you are the one to ruin me,
Know that I’m okay with it,
Because at least I caught a glimpse,
Of something worth writing about.
Raziel May 6
It would be a relief to fall out of love with you.
Because I would do anything,
For this pain to end.
Raziel Apr 17
Peppered bruises and I feel,
Something kindness might possibly heal,
But I see dusted blood and I wonder,
If even the kind can satisfy this deadly hunger,
To hurt and be hurt,
To love and get burnt,
To experience something that might be real,
To pay the price and take the deal,
To finally taste something that makes me somber,
To finally free my deepest darkest desire,
To smile for a brief reconcile,
Only to be hit with another trial,
And if only I could steal,
Another moment on this ticking wheel,
To subdue this insatiable anger,
And slip back into a blissful slumber,
Just to be jolted back into this aftershock,
Where I'm stuck in a race against the clock.
Raziel Apr 17
Cold heartless liar,
A gun loaded for the siren,
Behold and never ceasefire,
Pull the trigger
Spark the fire.
Raziel Apr 16
"You should smile more,"
said the man.
"You'd be prettier that way."
Raziel Nov 2018
"I'm scared."
Then be brave.
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