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Try Dec 2018
Slip sliping away
Hide away
My pain
At the back of
My closet
Dwelling in my pain
All the hurt and wrong
Done on to me
Screeming for them to leave me be
To let me be me
still thankful of those who foiled my plan
And boy was it grand
Instead I sat in the grandstands at Contact 2013,
Vancouver BC
Combating a invisible disease
To where everyday
It’s hard to breath
Still I stand tall
With the ball in my court
Not going to port
To where attempt number 3
Takes place
Instead a
Near death experience at sea
Thanks carnival
50 bands
Taken away from me
All in order to save me
From myself.

Thank You Chase for always being there for me in dark times.
Thanks for not letting me have 50bands to just end it all with it.
Thanks to you a known time and predreamt dreams all come to be and continue to do so.
Thanks for showing me the lighter side of life to where every day is a good day.
I love you bro,

© Try
I got my issues to combat
Family that’s now astranged
Disowned for not being a hard enough worker in my parents eyes
Though having a invisible disease made it difficult to keep active
Chronic fatigue from chronic pain
Made working I don’t even know how many times harder.
stopdoopy Feb 2019
And I'll gladly sit there
in that tacky chair
and bleed out for an eternity

To watch that woman
laugh freely and smile
open and relaxed

All night
and then I'd remember
I'm hers, and she's mine

And I'm so lucky
that she's soft and gentle with me
for surely I'd die in that seat otherwise
Dedicated to everyone, you're all so beautiful.
Esridersi Dec 2018
Spend less time...
Clinging onto whatif branches .
They’re frail & sapless.

When happiness breezes by, it can’t be contained in a bottle.
If you don’t understand the breeze,
you’ll climb desperately
tumbling from broken branches & broken spirits, only to be plopped where you started, but sorer.

Let go completely and fall, the wind will catch you,
toss you up and around
and gently set you down
on the dirt
Jessthemesss Nov 2018
has it’s own different ways
of reminding us about death
but to me, there’s not much of the dead
or the scary moments and memories
it’s more about my heart’s desire
to want to savor every waking day
the inhalation & exhalation
every sunrise, every breath
to feel more blessed spread more love give more to myself
and be reminded
that being alive, still
the best gift I had received
from above
stopdoopy Nov 2018
1 2 3
Seeds from fruit trees

I've missed you
My cherished one

You will be
With us again

Is the earth
Beneath soft snow

Way down here
The embers glow

Are we, beloved
Feelings freely flowing

Crashing into rocks
Passionate and fierce

4 5 6
Cross the river Styx
. . . . . .
Svode Oct 2017
The simpler life becomes,
the worse it seems to be.
As things turn to basic,
for both you and me.

Take my hand,
elevate me far away.
Bring me to the place,
where there is no dismay.

Where the birds sing freely,
where the skies never turn grey;
where we can both live happily,
and our souls will never fray.
Pax Aug 2016
I was the bird in a cage
who never got to fly freely,
too domesticated to even
fly away
on its own.
white bird Aug 2015
do you know what it feels
when you can't speak out loud
like a quiet rock
that always stand still

even a leaf was fall
with no sound
although it doesn't want to
but it have to

can you tell me how to let it out?
just like bird singing along freely
like no burden
can you tell me, please?
celey Jul 2015
my tears don't threaten to spill
they run down freely
without my permission
i never really did learn how to choke down a sob
i was never taught to do so
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