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Shay Ruth Mar 2015
In the blackness of the darkest hour
I felt his arms tight around my waist
Loosening as they drew nearer towards by stretched
Naked, fevered neck
His stars all bolted my nerves to the bottom of my feet
Stuck like pink bubble gum, melty and stringy
Like 97 degrees
His sweet breath grazed by cooled, burning cheeks
His touch reminded be of swimming under the moon of
The darkest hour
I drink in his laughter
It trembles the pads of my fingers
Shattering my vision all over again
I wait for him on the loneliest nights, when
Rusted wheels of cargo trains roll in, tight and full of history
The neighborhoods won't quit, even when the day does
He's always there
Nonchalantly kicked up against some shiny car, titled to another
He's wearing his darkest jeans and his James Dean smirk today
I slurp it up
Soak it in like he belongs to me
Like I belong to him
Bijan Nowain Feb 2015
Heart unblocked
Love freely
Mind unfastened
Think undeniably
Life unfurled
Live openly
Kirsten Lovely Aug 2014
To love as freely as a child again.
Like a child, afraid of going to school
Afraid to leave their mother and father
For fear that they won't be here when she comes home
Fear of cooties from the boys
Boys that eventually become an elementary crush
A crush that blossoms into middle school feelings
Feelings that will be brushed off by friends
Friends who leave her unattended at the most vulnerable times
Where vulnerability renders her temporarily blind
Temporarily stuck in a hopeless place she can't escape
A place so desperate she can't imagine life without it-
And to imagine- she isn't even done with freshman year.
To hope that the years will roll by fast enough
So fast she can't acknowledge that they go by
Can't acknowledge the feelings she's putting herself through
She's killing herself, and nobody seems to realize yet.
To feel as if whatever-God-is-out-there must,
To listen as if prayers were flooding in minute by minute
Prayers to end the pain,
Pain that she shares,
But cannot share because nobody will hear her
Her prayers drift by silent ears and go unnoticed
And when turned-off ears fail to hear her,
Her anger doesn't fail to boil up, to create something horrible,
Something horrible that has never really been her
Something she never realized she had
Until she realized something else.
To let anger and sadness take control in such a strong way,
Something else had to stop being in control-
To love as freely as a child again.
Not only to love others,
But herself.
word ladder, slam poetry.
Wendell A Brown Aug 2014
Your soft beautiful smile embraces me
Whenever i find you to come so near
Inside my heart at that precious moment
I find when it happens I shed a quiet tear

Full of the deep and genuine happiness
I find my heart gives birth to each new day
It never leaves me ever to question or reason
Why so very near in my life I want you to stay

I find all of our moments we spend together
Seem to perfectly frame deep inside
A particular perfect and lovely treasure
That the love in my heart will never deny

I love sharing the daily softness of your smile
Which In my life I will always want to stay
Constantly embracing my world with its blessings
So its enchanting happiness I may enjoy each day

For I am made alive by its exquisite glow
And my life is refreshed by its energy
Making it always possible to love you so freely
While enjoying the precious love you bring to me
Twinkle Aug 2014
Strange are your ways Oh world!
You ask me what do I stand to gain
When I help strangers on their way
Pause to give my time
Spend so much of it in selfless care

What do I stand to gain?

When I make your burdens mine
Think you'll need my help
And lend my shoulder to lean

What do I stand to gain?

When I work for you and your pain
I see beyond your need
To what my help can mean

What do I stand to gain?

When you stretch out your hand
And look my way
Knowing maybe somewhere
Someone will open their heart in true care

What do I stand to gain?

When I love so deep
Knowing time and again that it will hurt
You may care not a dime
And you may never return the time

What do I stand to gain?

I smile and reply
I stand to gain nothing
Cause if I did want anything in return
My hand I would not extend
A self serving attitude is not mine
Don't try to reason, cause you won't find
I choose to love freely and openly
It's for you to decide
You want to use me or love me
To each one his own
I have chosen this path
To be free from expectations
Hurt not and you will not be hurt
You decide what's for you to do.

On the other hand cannot stop what I do
For the only thought that governs me
Is Someone some where is aching just like me
When I need it so badly I know what I see
And then unconsciously I reach out
Thinking I am stretching into infinity
You see this life is a full circle
And one day it'll come back to me
So I am doing myself a favor, actually :-)
This is a strange write, because it was inspired by a casual insensitive remark by someone about why I help someone, when I have nothing to gain from it.  I found it so stupid and strange....but then I realized..maybe I need to explain.
Twinkle Jul 2014
It's over!
Its behind me
I've let it go
The pain that held me ransom in its throes

No longer hurting,
No longer killer
My life is much more complete and fuller

I've learnt my lessons, my time beckons
A chance to live now freely
A time to discover
Motivate yourself to move beyond your pain, to let go and forge ahead. Shun the pain, carry your lessons like treasure. Move on!

— The End —