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said the Thing alone in his head
“how many steps must i stay ahead  
of fear and self-doubt
lest they figure me out
and peel the skin I’ve twice shed?”
we share much more in common with monsters than we'd dare consider.
esridersi Aug 24
Your sightly sweet smile
stole my seeing sense some
Saturdays since first you
crossed my sights.
You jaywalked the straits of
my peripherals like a perp
who stole a heart and two eyes.
I'd have cuffed you to a pole
if steel could hold diamond,
but your sparkled grin'd subdued
me and I was too lame to reach you.
esridersi Jun 18
i thought about one thousand things
when lying with the sun
each thought a dampen cloud
each cloud a Tattooed fish with wings
of words red one by one.

two-hundred-twenty words of Dread
and sorrow bled drippy through the sky.
red tears of dreams unsung had spread
so blinding past their eyes.

the other seven-hundred-eighty
sought sun spots sealed so sweetly
such Skies in haiti these fishes seek
eyes pour out dried completely

they splatter across all over my face
i taste musicical patterns and poetry and maths
their nebulous purpose encased like Gifts
opened too slowly to lie still in place.
esridersi Mar 28
dear, your lazy lips
-  like two eclipses
and a sphere,
bisected by puffs
esridersi Mar 25
Who I feel in me, who says hello, and loves me, finally wipes the crust out his eyes to see his face.
No longer empty, now abundant, I am the well of peace overrun | I am like a peace-filled lantern shone high as the sun.
As of now, I am the one who seeks discipline and rain in a formless sky - longing to wash away the thoughts that dampen my light.
I am strength where force is needed | I am like a faded hug where love was wanted.
esridersi Mar 25
I am the son
of a man whose
impotence in love
sought refuge in lust.
esridersi Feb 27
water-slicked concrete
won't deter the idiots
from Snapchat selfies
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