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Esridersi Oct 19
Free Speech is dead,
Kamala ain’t black -  
Joe Biden is hidin’
while Hunter’s on crack.
Esridersi May 3
Hovering clouds by her face
La Lanae hides like a space

    Lazy and open she sighs
  Evoking grace from the skies

  Nothing perturbs her ocean
All she tries steals no motion

   Janell, a dry rain puddle
Esridersi Apr 25
i am that thing there.
rolled between your lips
to blow out your sounds.
Esridersi Feb 26
your chilled remembrance
soothes my charred indian burns
from love neglected.
Esridersi Dec 2019
some nights ago I fell to dream
your face in frost completely -
from head to toe in fact, you strolled
towards me - your silk-paved march,
my winter beauty.

I grazed your cheek confused in fear,
you blazed my chest, your eyes so near
"my dear?" I said, "why do I cry | why do we die
so faintly?".
"such love" you say, "rebirths in tears."
words sung in C succinctly.

some moments fade in our embrace
they melt like flakes of snow, longed to
we too so melt in boundless trust,
our blessed friendship to

I ask "what if this ship gets lost to sea,
how will I find my sweetie?".
you just hum in me, a song I knew
so soft & sweet -
so saintly.
Esridersi Dec 2019
There's so little to say for
what lies in front of you
I tip your glass eyes for pride to pour,
there is so little. to say for
tomorrows sake does grace and beauty radiate your pores
blasphemes the christ who dwells inside you -
theres so little to say; for
what lies in front of you?
Esridersi Nov 2019
i see
in each curve of each cloud,
your smiles and frowns
silk silver-stiched shrouds
undressed in my eyes
sketched sharp and freely
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