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  Dec 2018 Jessthemesss
she was

the bright morning sky

she was

the sun shining bright

she was

the sky up high

like unfathomable light

she was

like a star

too far away to reach

she was me

and i used to be her
i used to be her
now i want to be her
Jessthemesss Dec 2018
I want to tell the world of my joys,

I want my confidence to bleed into those I care about.

Let my light be what sparks the world on fire.

I am focused, I am brave, I will not falter.

No longer will I cower, I am a raging force,

A force of good, the spec of hope you drink in your coffee.

My words will ignite the passion in their souls,

Sunshine will sing from my eyes,

With promise of changing the world a smile at a time.

Shake the trees of complacency,

Let these syllables leaping from this page be your first step,

Step into the sunflower laced fantasy world that fills my mind,

The bubble lettered day dreams that drips with optimism.

Pinks, yellows and greens leak out into the desolate grays of this world,

Push passed the mundane repetitive cycles we live in,

Create something with color and vibrancy.

It is here in this state altruism I pull my strength and happiness,

So here my friends,

Borrow my point of view,

taste the delicious strawberries I painted with my tongue.
  Nov 2018 Jessthemesss
Morgan Mercury
I woke up at midnight
and remembered the nights we would fall asleep beside each other.
Now I'm alone and in a different city.
Now I am accompanied by the moon.  

I knew change was bound to come,
but I didn't know how hard it would hit me.
I understand that this wasn't easy for you,
and I sympathize.
I was selfish to wish for you to stay,
and I apologize.
But now I know that just because you're miles away
doesn't mean we won't meet again sometime in spring.

Our summer smiles once glowed so bright,
I swore that the stars didn't stand a chance.
We were young and spinning, spinning
I swore that our souls couldn't sit still.

I recognize that roses and daisies
blossom differently.
I just wish someone would have told me that
before winter set in.

We're all on different paths now
We all have gone and moved away.
Who knows where we will be in a year from now.
It's just that these passed summers haven't felt the same.
Jessthemesss Nov 2018
She asked me how I felt

And when I opened my mouth

A butterfly flew out
Jessthemesss Nov 2018
has it’s own different ways
of reminding us about death
but to me, there’s not much of the dead
or the scary moments and memories
it’s more about my heart’s desire
to want to savor every waking day
the inhalation & exhalation
every sunrise, every breath
to feel more blessed spread more love give more to myself
and be reminded
that being alive, still
the best gift I had received
from above
Jessthemesss Jun 2018
I forgot my first love,
I let myself get caught up in all the trivial things,
the pluses and minuses we track,
even though they aren't fulfilling.  
I apologize, Mi Amor,
I know its been just me and you since the beginning.
Sometimes you don't rhyme,
you just flow,
The leaky faucet of my mind
          Poetry you complete like no human ever could...
still a work in progress
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