Svode Mar 27
so big!
With curves and crevices,
and area so majestic
like a continent never explored.

so revolutionary!
With voice and passion,
and struggles so deep
like a country in depression.

so new!
With a new page arriving,
and vision to again be clear
like a scope through the old horror.
Someone needed help with a school project so I made this to give them an example :^)
Svode Mar 25
Fill with hate!
Expose their views
at any rate!

Expose their lives
at any rate!

Expose your own life
at any rate!
Svode Feb 10
A poet,
hopeful; on course.
Writing not for interest,
but due to force.

A writer,
worried somewhere near.
Writing not for interest,
but due to fear.
Svode Jan 7
Through the walls, in the streets.
Contrasting forces in anger will meet.
Differing ideals will turn into action,
Only one will remain as a faction.
Svode Jan 7
A force desired by many, acquired by some.
A drug so powerful it makes a mind numb.
A lack of it makes a man sore,
A myriad of it makes a man seek more.
Svode Jan 1
Ayy it's 2017
A year so changing; a year so keen.
Though some might not see what it means,
2017 set a scene.

Ayy it'll be 2018
Will it be grand? Will it be keen?
What, to some people, does this mean?
Can it ever set a scene?
Happy New Year!
Svode Dec 2017
How do you write a poem?
I'll tell you how.

Place your fingers on the keyboard,
one by one.
Push down and form phrases,
and wham! you're done.

Hit enter a couple times,
to space it right.
Indent here and there,
and view the sight.

If you prefer the traditional way,
that's nice.
Write with a pencil and a paper,
maybe use pen for some spice.

Write a tale or an engaging work.
Write to your heart and your mind's voice!
Write a world full of mystery, suspense or fun.
You're the writer, and it's your own choice!
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