Dec 10 Svode
Star BG

Through the rain of life I move.
in obstacles of puddles
thunderous challengers,
pouring emotions and drizzles of relationships.

Sometimes I run for cover
with umbrellas aimed to protect.

Other times I become a child again
moving jumping filled with laughter.

Through the rain I go
in breeze's that drift with spray.
sleet when air is cold.
under clouds that hide sun.

Until rain gifts the moment
with a shinning Rainbow.

Hooray for Father Sky

Rain, Rain come again
Star calls you a dear old friend.
Rain, Rain makes me know
rainbow soon will surely show.

Inspired by Svode  Thanks
Svode Dec 10

Heart pounding.
Knife in my hand.
"God, please take me
to another land."

Mind racing.
My body demands
to drop that thing
within my hands.

Feet tapping.
Urges overcome.
I can't forget
what I've just done.

Tears welling.
In my lover's eyes.
You made me do this,
now why do you cry?

Svode Dec 8

Lose me to the wind,
as your lights go dimmed.
Lose me to the soil,
as your life becomes toil.
Lose me to the sea,
as you post your decree.
Lose me to the sky,
as you say goodbye.
Lose me to the time,
as you hate your crimes.

I'm lost.

Svode Dec 4

Drenched skin.
Walking aimlessly,
through the rain of life.

Released umbrellas.
Covering firmly,
the sins of society.

Chilled breeze.
Blowing freely,
no higher power to judge it.

Calmed day.
Passing beautifully,
no stressful obstacles inbound.

Svode Dec 4

Alluring gaze;
Far away, yet ever so near.
Washes doubt and illuminates space;
Cleans all thoughts of hate and fear.
With it's thick white glow in such a beautiful place.

Midnight wonder;
As time ticks on, it stands there.
Bright and bold does it shine!
Does it know love? Does it know care?
With it's loving pose, ever so divine.

Transitioning power;
When the day is done, no more will it hark.
During the day, life is filled with rage.
However, one again will it rise in the dark.
With it's welcoming of the future's page.

Be it life, a flourishing field,
amidst the cold of time and space.
Be it death, a depressing deal
but a normal passing of our race.
Be it all which to it decides to yield;
Oh moon, bless us with your grace!

Wrote this for the moon while it's at peak proximity.
Svode Nov 30

I hate those people,
who ponder every moment in their life.
Injuries don't hurt them when from the knife
People who struggle to break free from strife.

I hate those people,
who search for their own origin.
The meanings of loss, and of win.
People who stray from their kin.

What are we, but figures of skin?
What are we, but souls of sin?
What are we, what have we been?
What story is there behind a grin?

The stories of men are what I seek.
Behind each face, the messages speak.
Of people turned depressed and morally weak,
and of experiences which leave men bleak.

Svode Nov 27

When on that night so cold,
and at a midnight so serene.
Why did you take your life
why, my dear Irene?

You have always been my beloved,
you were always happy, it seemed.
Why did you take your life out of this strife,
why, my dear Irene?

Why must you leave me so,
in this depressed world so old.
Whether you're now in heaven or even in hell,
I pray that you feel better wherever you may dwell.

You are buried here, on his hill
I visit here now and then.
While you're body lays here ever so still
I wonder where I should've been.

I should've been beside you,
always respecting and being true.
Caring and welcoming your beautiful mien,
I should've loved you more, my dear Irene.

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