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Svode Apr 2020
All it took was one mistake
to change my life forever
Svode Dec 2019
Hopes hang high, fatigue fails and flickers.
An adventure awaits.
Dawn does disappear; duly, daylight's discovered.
Svode Dec 2019
A world made by deceit;
Tricksters running wild and free,
Virtue, a fleeting thought.
Svode Jul 2019
I used to have an obsession with candles.
Their soft yellow glow shimmering in the air,
Their heat melting the surrounding wax,
Their wicks, a lengthy fuse waiting to be terminated;
Their glow shining upon the surrounding area.

They comforted me, like a distressed mother
Holding tight to her kin during a hostile tempest.

They flicker so,
In the still air moving to and fro.
Svode Apr 2019
In a world with less fortune,
Where challenges surpass the highest mountains,
Where hope fades into heavenly obscurity
We still work tirelessly and find a way.

In a world with wealth and peace,
Where potential surpasses the highest mountains,
Where sorrow fades into the tales of history,
We try our best to seize the day.

In a world, indifferent from our own,
Where philosophy surpasses the highest mountains,
Where issues remain in a limbo-like trance,
We enjoy our lives, everyday.
Wrote this in a jacuzzi
Svode Apr 2019
In unkempt sorrow, we often lie
with no hope ahead, we plan to die
as fear grows in strength, we suffer too
for we know not what we should do.

Hope may die in a sea of black,
but doubting its existence allows for attack,
cling to faith to fend this foe,
or else depression will be allowed to sough.

For as long as the sun may shine,
everything can change when given time.
Look to the future, and keep ambitions high
for there's no reason not to try.
From prose I wrote:
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