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slow burn May 30
I saw our worlds collide in your eyes,
Placed carefully behind the looking glass,
A chance encounter as you stare back pleasantly,
With a shy smile hanging delicately beneath,
Brown eyes that look so clever.

And as I learn more about you,
I'm left intrigued and wanting more,
Anxiously awaiting the next carefully crafted sentence,
You have become more interesting every day.

I suppose it's childish,
To see your name written in lights inside my mind,
A dazzling array of electricity and such lovely spectacle,
That does draw me in from the boardwalk of life,
But I would gladly pay the price of admission,
If only to have a chance to win your attention,
Which is surely anything but a game.
IDK, dating online is awkward.
slow burn May 18
please be my distraction
and take me away from myself
grow wings that might carry us
you and i
away from the sunset and toward certain disaster

per chance these phantoms do chase
we must go faster and escape
our own hallowed grounds do wait
freedom must be so sweet to taste

i can't stress how important it is that we leave right now
we mustn't delay as beneath their cowls
do lurk the hearts of ghosts and beasts ugly, fowl
or are they mirrors of ourselves
hatred shelved and stored away
that which cannot see the light of day
for they are monsters we must contain

lest we can't and must fly
far far away
and become new people
though our hearts' gone astray
we haven't died yet and still have chance
so pray
we do find ourselves again
though now amongst shadows we must play
maybe one day we'll find the lighted way
You can only hide from yourself for so long.
slow burn May 13
i am utterly depressed
cascading carelessly toward a home i know so well
and with every breath getting closer to the last of mine taken
breaking ground anew inside desiccated places
where few have traveled before me
for i have been the only traveler here
i feel that's the way it's supposed to be

remorselessly remote in an ever expanding universe
we each sit alone in our tiny little pastures
fractured but with a curse for connection
and a penchant for self destruction
generally of ill intention

'tis but a sight upon which we must gaze
one another across a thousand milky ways
with hope that these sights might meet
and greet
so to speak
each others swift heartbeats
soon replete with lust and callous needs

or is it a mirage
my minds own trickery that deceives me
believing so easily what my heart wants to see
such fantasies don't seem to be free
in reality they can be quite costly

perpetually expecting the exact same thing
from the same set of circumstances
when what's happened before has caused such a
guaranteed calamity
seems i must be crazy
and that's ok with me
Oops I must be floating again
slow burn May 5
If I could look at your picture
I'd be able to tell you about your eyes
And they way I knew they lit up a room
They are those that can sing without speaking.

If I could look at your picture
You'd quickly hear about your smile
That would eat menacing clouds on a sunny day
If they failed to bring rain and thunder
So sublime with its apprehensive disassociation
And subtle with its grace

If I could look at your picture
It'd be so easy to keep looking
Until stars move across the sky
And starlight hangs upon my windows ledge
As if it were there to shepherd me to sleep completely
Slumbering along the edges of a frame

Yet I cannot look at this picture
Stuck behind a locked door without a key
Among so many unrequited metaphors
I'm standing alone in a place of indecision
And the sheer uncertainty of not knowing if I should

It's something I've come to accept
Along with so many other things in this deceptive life
Because if I'm not meant to look at your picture
I can still hear your voice
And even if it isn't mine to cherish
I could be one of the few to have claimed I might've been able to
slow burn May 5
it sits upon a scaly throne
bones covered in gold and other precious ores
flowing out from its neck like so much plumage
trailing onto the floor and into pools of writhing dead
those that might attempt to flee its gaze

and oh what eyes it has
a plague of pulsing orbs that float lazily above its head
drinking in the wasteland as a vampire does blood
each one focusing on a different tragedy

one thousand mouths regurgitate infinite platitudes
such siren songs carry across the countryside
and into the ears of one that i love

they always float on air when they leave
but i am left grounded as if an anchor is tied to me

must i become the beast to pursue it?
slow burn Mar 27
I saw tendrils of smoke rise in front of your eyes,
That did linger and waft around your head like halos,
Some getting caught up in all of your breathing,
Much the same way I'm caught up in your speaking,
Bluntly landing with deadly accuracy,
Specifically demanding intransigent factors flee.

Melancholy stares from across the table,
Your thoughts waiting in line for me,
Each sentence I finish is a cue for you,
To race towards the end where your words are crushing.

My breath is now short as you leave the table,
The room begins spinning,
And I feel unable,
To stop what's been coming for so long,
I've been running in place,
Still face to face with the truth through all these years.

It was broken the whole time,
And you'd be the one to leave the table first.
slow burn Mar 4
I tried to write
But all that came out were colors
In the shades of our love
And the hues that formed our history
Saturated my mind so brightly
That I saw it not as a poem
But as more of a painting

The letters didn't form words so much
As they formed a lovely mural
Across the canvas of my heart
Still locked away
Only put on display for you
And eyes that saw themselves as the key
Freed from the loneliness of eternity

There was no punctuation
Only fireworks that were still burning
Weightless in the clarity of the heavens
That found themselves to be
All the illumination we need
To rest comfortably in the spectrum of each other
How would you describe a color you'd never seen before but with your heart
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