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an ark
of Noah
would disembody
a silvery
horse with
seraphim whether
res publica
rained on
earth with
quiescent nomads
and to
cloud their
creation in
planet of
thieves with
periods of
sporadic sea
Planer Thieves  by  Dan Krokos a movie
mythie Dec 2017
I've seen the gates of Heaven.

Angels are beautiful creatures, aren't they?
They fill some with lust, desire...
They fill me with something nobody else could give.

I knew when our eyes connected.
You were something special.
You have my glass heart in your hands.
Please don't let it go.

I've been hurt by angels before.
They've taken my heart, handled it with care.
Then smashed it using all their force.
It's taken forever to pick up the pieces.

But by the way you touch me.
Kiss me and tell me I'm pretty.
I can tell you're different.
I can tell you're heavenly.

Black circles under crimson eyes.
Pale, porcelain skin.
Large white wings.
The heart of a saint.

You sink your fingers into my heart.
Squishing and spreading it around.
You dig your own heart from your flesh.
Bloodied fingertips connecting love.

With two hearts together.
You smile at me.
I am certain now.
You can teach me to love again.
Elina Dawoodani Apr 2014
Don't be lost in cloudy thoughts. Mused in darkness.
Radiate your light.
You are heavenly. Seraphic.

— The End —