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Shannon Spivey Sep 2019
I thought you knew
Or maybe you do not
Your quiet composure
Penetrated my thoughts
We had a moment
And time slowed down
A second of eye contact
Has me turned around
Your smile says it all
And that glimmer in your eye
Maybe you don’t know
But if you asked I’d lie
Sophia Feb 2019
The only thing that separates us from being strangers are our eyes.
Words and actions can be deceiving.
But eye contact...
Alaska Nov 2018
When's the last time you looked
at me?
Like really looked at me.
Nobody looks at each other
we always look down at our
phones instead of looking at
the people we
love and care
Look at me.
Why is that so hard?
We don't have to say anything.
We can speak and feel
with our
Look at me.
Inspired by Marina Abramovic' s ," The Artist Is Present".
StardustPiscium Apr 2018
A moment in time and space where two people are connected in a sacred way
Honouring each other
Listening to each other
Feeling what the other person is feeling
Eye contact
A non-verbal permission that lets the other person know that they are welcomed into ones world
Lady Grey Feb 2018
A brief flash
Of brown
And blue
I saw her
She saw me too

I didn't mean to look
To stare?

But in that moment
We were both
In err
Looking into someones eyes is both invading and being invaded. A private moment that is very... intimidating?
Diary of Jane Nov 2017
I see you look at me
Then look away instantly
and I follow your lead
afraid it would turn into something more
and we cannot let that be.
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
They have difficulty keeping eye contact
Because she says it's like everything stops,
Including time,
And it was just so precious.
As if they didn't know if they should smile
Or say hi or give a nod signaling a hey,
But she ends up panicking and runs away.
As if she was Cinderella.
When it was *almost midnight.
the way we glance at each other
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