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Eyal Lavi Sep 2017
Thrice he knocked upon her door
"May I enter?" he implored.
"I bid the welcome"
Were her words

Thus he entered
Into the chamber
Were the bed
The night they wed
Had marked the first-
-and last as well
When both their bodies...
Had layed in bliss...
Her lips, her kiss...
All he had missed...
And dreamed and yearned...
Just to return
And look into her auburn eyes
And feel the love he was denied

Then twice he bent upon his knee
And then he stood
And then he looked
And thus he saw
It wasn't she
Not she who loved him on that night
Indeed he knows she never did.
And yet if only-
"No, not ever," were her words.
"Never ever will you be the man I loved, of this be sure."
So sure was she.

"I disagree," was all he thought
Though words came not
What point to speak.
"There is no point," were words
he heard
From lips, her lips
Her kiss, pure bliss
Was not to be.

This is part one of a short poem in two parts
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
NOTE:  this is the 1st poem I wrote and posted on HePo. I've managed to finish the first 2 parts and have been struggling with the 3rd; however much of last night was spent refining this initial section so I figured I'd post it in the hopes of receiving some constructive feedback. Thanks.


Dripdripdripdrip drip as it slips all it’s secrets, secrets slipped from the lip of the rusty metal moldy faucet, water whispers water whimpers water wishes of a time long gone; dripping water ever swirling round the beaten bolted sink; bolted to a wooden floor, chipped and nicked and cracked but grips, it grips the sink and won’t let go.

Secrets swirling round the sink into the void and through the pipes beneath the wooden boards of floor which would let loose their life-long grip of one worn weathered tired tethered reddish tinted rusty sink if only it - the wood! - if it could leave the floor it; the wood would stand and stretch and scratch and then would walk right out the door; wooden boards held hostage by a layered web of iron nails nailed years ago.

Creaking boards tell tales to pipes which snake throughout the secret house; Drip they drip they speak they slip through lips of sinks the secrets silent lip they drip and slip andio they rip and drip andrip they drip they dripdrip they ripipip i i…

Hush the whisper of the wind through broken windows rattles timber breaks the slumber of the man whose face is etched and leathered ever marked by hands of time; time played games the game of life the old man thought and thinks he still can stand and stretch and scratch then walk straight through the door and out the house, like secrets lost in rusty pipes he thinks he’ll walk into the dark and be whisked off on wings of wind which carries whispers rattles windows speaks in drips through rusty lips of bolted sinks gripped by the floors forever more and so the man will sit he sits and thinks and thinks he drips and drips drips dripdripipip i i i...

End Part 1
1st poem any thoughts?
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Sun-Bleached Blonde Having Fun
In the sand under the sun
Sun-kissed skin, taught and tanned
Ain't her life so grand?

Sun-Bleached Blonde Drinking coke
As she smokes, takes a ****
Getting high
On the beach
Careless to the men around

Women too
Watch her move
As she stands
In the sand

Sun-Bleached Blonde, now she smiles
There's a breeze, like the wind knows what it does
Makes her happy
Makes them happy she is happy
Women too, the beach alive

Sun-Bleached Blonde
Having Fun
In the Sun
On the sand

"Hi," says I.
"Hi," says she.
Then we stand
Our eyes locked
"So?" She asks.
"What?" Asks I.
"That's your pick up line?"
"Yupp, that's it."
She smiles
I melt
"I like it she says."
"I'm putty," I say.
Now she laughs.
"You're killing me!" I protest.
"Don't die just yet."
She leans in, her lips touch mine.
First kiss ever
I'm 13, she's 19
"Whose this little guy?" Says some dude who just walked up.
"He's a heart-breaker," she replies.
Why is some dude taking her hand?
Why is some dude kissing my love?
Am I in love is this it oh my God I'm getting hard I think they see oh **** oh shut in turning red don't know what to... i plop down on the sand, put my head in my hands.

Some dude laughs but my blonde frowns, "Go away" she tells her man.

Then she sits down takes my hand and she says, "One day you'll find someone right for you."
"You're perfect"
"I'm not"
"I swear you are"
She smiles that smile which melts my heart.
"One day you'll find there's lots of girls just right for you."
"But why not you?"
"I'm way too old"
"You're not"
"I am. For you. You deserve a love your age."
"How do you know?"
"Because I was your age once too."

Some dude calls her, "Let's go babe."
"I'm coming," she says, then looks me in the eyes.
"Be gentle when the time comes," says she to me.
"Gentle?" I ask.
She kisses me on the cheek.
"Try not breaking too many hearts."
Then she stands
One last smile
Says goodbye
Then she's gone.

Sun-Bleached Blonde changed my life made me a man who respects the better half of the human race.

I wonder where she is right now?
This is a true story
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Thou doth deny my love for you
Thou doth deny my words so true
My words like chords sing songs of you
My world is yours though you decline
Denied your love I'm all but blind
To all that was and is and could be
In a world where your don't see me
See me once and hear me speak
And then release me from your grip.
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Were I to sit upon a throne
And gaze, amazed, that I alone
Can change your life
Can grant your wish
Deny your rights
'Fore rights exist
As I see fit
And thus my whims
By my decree
Can change your life
Should I see fit

Oedipus I, I Ordipus am
Am ruler of this wretched land
Upon my throne I sit alone
Alone I sit, alone I am
I am alone
I Opedipus Rex, I ruler of the dregs
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Hues of blue wash the evening sky
The moon, alone,
In deference to the sun-
-Which burns and warms and loves. And gives life.
To all within it's fatal grace.
A mistress which both loves and hates and bathes one in its warm embrace and kills one lest you lack respect.

The Bluelight Special
peaks above
The Eastern scape
And scans the West.

In hues of copper, rust and red
The Western sky cools as the day
And as the sun now fades away
In all her glory still she burns
And still she clings
And still she flicks
And spits and licks
Her flaming wrath
Her's is this world
And yet her grace
Which graces all
Is not enough
'Fore all her strength, nay! despite her grip
The world rotates
Though she objects
Yet nature does what nature does
And time ticks on-
-the day now gone

The Bluelight Special rises clear
And soft and bright
And rules the night
In peace it whispers
Can you hear?

The Bluelight Special says to you and me and he and she,
it whispers and the words
you hear
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Drying like a dying leaf
Thirsty angry full of grief
Ain't no water in this town
And if there were I'd spit it out

Deny myself
No, quenching thirst
It ain't for me
I don't deserve

Not today
Not anyway
Today I'm dry
Wrinkled weathered withered spirit

All alone yet too much noise
I hear my name
Another day
At the office
With the drones

But who am I if I'm not them
If them is drones I'm the ******* motherboard
Of corporate copy selling ****
To ***** across the world

It pays the bills
Such a sellout
So I won't quench my thirst
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
If I ruled the world
You'd open your thighs
If I ruled the world
You'd then look in my eyes
And you'd see the sky

If I ruled the world
I'd shower you with love
And if you strayed away
Nahh, you wouldn't
I rule the world, don't I?
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Words cannot explain what a feel
Words cannot explain that my reality feels
SO ******* UNREAL

How can sorrow be so deep
How is it I don't just leap
How is it I cannot fly
And let the wind dry my tears before I splatter into bits

Of grime and brain and flesh and bones
Like scorching fields where battles roared
Like sorrow from the depth of hell
Which churns - yet mourns - for who I ain't

I ain't I ain't I ******* ain't
Like these words, no more than chords
Like air in wheightless majesty
I'm hollow, a mere shadow, in my 30s

In my 30s such despair
For who I am a corpse with air
And yet a cling to whothefck cares
A f
cking asterisk for the U that goes there

**** I say to all this sorrow
Still I know there comes tommorow
And tommorow will I wake?
I will despiste my corpse-filled air

I'll shower dress and go to work
I'll HePo even though I'm such a ****
For thinking that the f*ck you care
For words like chords at least the air

Will have some meaning, meanings! it.
No purpose nor the will to find
Some semblance of a life worth time

But it will pass this endless pit
Of sorrow and the stinking ****
It will, I know, it has before
And after all
These words
Like chords
Are just

The jokes on me
Of this I see
And now the clown waves mightily
For who am I but words and chords and air and **** and **** all this!
Eyal Lavi Aug 2017
Have you ever tasted hunger?
It tastes of metal at the side of your tongue
And a pain in your chest, not in your gut
It is depression deep and endless

And there's food somewhere, out there but you have no energy to eat it.
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