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Bekah Aug 11
Her beauty can be compared
To that of
A modern renaissance piece
That takes a truly tasteful eye
To appreciate
She is and of
Alluring captivity
And all the while
I stand in awe
Of her monumentality
Bekah Aug 9
You’re the cherry on top
of an immaculate shake
With a taste
That’s just as sweet

You’re a mesmerizing sunset
Just beyond the horizon
With a view
That’s just as beautiful

You’re a statue carved out
By a careful artist
With a touch
That’s just as angelic

You’re a melodic rhythm
Orchestrated by talented musicians
With a voice
That’s just as captivating

You’re the smell of mountain air
That keeps my lungs full
And you give me a heart
That’s even fuller
#love #lovers
Bekah Aug 9
I knew of a place
Where the night met day
And the stars danced freely
Under a warm sunshine ray

Where the cold and the warmth
Would perfectly intertwine
In a hypnotic rhythm
Catapulted through time

Where dark and light
Could both peacefully exist
Just beyond the horizon
In an altered state of bliss

I knew of a place
Where the night met day
Until a time came
When it was no longer that way
Bekah Apr 2019
I refuse
To keep emptying my cup
To overflow yours
For I have given all that I can
Far too many times
With hardly a single drop
Left for myself
While you,
With your exorbitant porcelain
Laden with the finest wine
Has watched my cup chip and crack
Slowly desiccating back to the clay
In which it was fashioned
#thoughts #alone #lonely #depression #miserable#broken #wounds #healing
  May 2017 Bekah
pragya santani
And with the first showers
Comes the kind of sadness
Which only half loved lovers
Can feel.
Bekah May 2017
Beauty is she
The one who holds my heart
It is with her
That I do not wish to part

She left flowers on the inside
Put oxygen in my lungs
Gave me a forever
Of intertwined tongues

She painted my future
Beginning to end
Starting with the broken past
She chose to amend

So as long as she loves me
The flowers will stay
And the oxygen in my lungs
Never will stray
Bekah May 2017

I am sadness and cigarettes
I am scars and long nights
I am the darkness,
And you are the light

You touched me and I became
Engulfed in your glowing rays
You are the sunshine
And I am now a flame

You set fire to my heart
Sent the antidote through my veins
It wasn't long until I realized
Exactly what I became

I am not sadness and cigarettes
I am not scars and long nights
I am a summer's sky
Touched by your ethereal light

— The End —