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We are not heroes.
We are just people,
trying to survive.
You and I,
are not equals.
You work from home
while I...
I work to ensure
that I get to keep mine.
They call us essential,
because we provide
all the food and the things
that help keep you alive.
But I am resentful
that I don't get to decide,
What is more worthy,
my labor or life?
So don't call me a hero.
I am simply doing
what has to be done.
Don't call me a hero,
unless you plan to treat
and pay me like one.
Teachers on strike,
Eager to fight,
For the education rights,
That our community deserves.
LAUSD, you got some nerve,
To put your students in overcrowded classes,
To deprive them of resources in many different aspects,
Which limits their access
To a quality education.
Teachers are the foundation
of this nation.
Nourishing our hoods to decrease incarceration.
Empowering the youth
To establish the creation,
Of a brighter future
For them, for you, for us
No more waiting for a change
Taking action is a must
Students need supplies,
& so united we rise
Striking for days
Because our teachers need a raise
Doing what it takes
We will not be defeated
Because full time nurses and counselors are needed
This system is broken and we will not be cheated
Speaking up because we've had enough of this treatment
Its time to do what is right
Now I ain't no preacher
But let's speak up and show support to our wonderful teachers
  Dec 2018 Lizbeth Anahi Ibarra
It's okay to fall down
If you don't know how to fly
It's okay to make a rainstorm
If you feel you need to cry

It's okay to get your feelings hurt
By things that people say
It's okay to fall apart
When people don't wanna stay

It's okay to kick and scream
When you life falls apart
It's okay to cry yourself to sleep
When you have a broken heart

It's okay to show the feelings
You feel you need to show
Because falling apart and getting back up
Is the only way you'll grow
It's okay
I see it in your eyes.
I see past your disguise.
I know that you are tired,
of keeping up this fight.

I know it ain't the best
and we are barely getting by.
I promise it'll get better,
Just promise me you'll try.

I know it's hard to sleep sometimes,
I know you want to cry.
Waiting for those better days,
hoping they'll arrive.

Wishing for a miracle to happen,
So am I.
I know that it's a struggle,
but we'll manage to survive.
For my family and the rough moments that hit us a little harder during the holidays.
"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."
It's all the white supremacist the president fails to mention.
It's all these racist institutions that only aim for the retention,
of all people of color still fighting against oppression.
And all this lack of action is only building up the tension.
I see all the reaction,
I feel the apprehension.
The impact still remains,
regardless of intention.
And if we remain silent,
we continue the suppression.
I said, "How long will it take?"
I mean, we've seen the same mistakes.
Ain't it crazy after all this,
we're still waiting for a change.

And the faces are the same,
the pain, it still remains.
Tired of it all but really who is there to blame?
The system, the victims, the money or fame?
The power, the hour, the looks or the name?

But whatever the claim,
we need to make a change.
We are here to stay
so all my people, can I hear you say!

No justice, No peace
No murderous police!
They say liberty for all,
but freedom is not free.
Its time to break down these walls
of animosity.
Its time to fight for our justice and equality.

& we've seen it all before
rooted deep within our history.
Made some improvements
but there is still no victory.

Don't shoot, Hands up
Unite and stand up
Fight back and man up
One more brother down
We need back up!

Its time for a change
Real action, real pain!
We might look different
but were all the same.

Man, this system is so distorted,
to change that, i'm for it.
No freedom till were equal
**** right I support it.
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