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Michael John Mar 2018
when some call you pains
lily paints her toes
a frown taken aim
an o blows..

and all the agave wain..
too your heart woes..
take the strain!
my lovely cotton clouds..

i am your swain!
let dvision be so
the silence so loud
the cooling rains!

how many shades of pain
yesterday´ s death throes
distant thundering
a faded stain..


thankyou lily!
that is quite pretty!
a rather intriguing ditty
that sees

the decor of her digits
a plea if only
one for the lotus eaters!
sacked our yesterdays..!

healing through natures way!
this moment be
birth death and rebirth
oh scarlet crow..

and some black toes..
she adds as an after thought
wrinkling her nose
love will heal our heart

next to nature art..astrix
that is time goes
our love caught
in the eternal moment..

astrix..stolen from  i care not where
or the amusing novel by penelope lively..
Ghost Writer 3 Oct 2016
Where does the rain wish to go,
Falling so passionately down,
When the world is cold,
She falls with a musical sound.

Filling the holes in the ground,
dancing from car wheels,
her waltz is feverish,
circulating around and around.

One rain drop never alone,
she holds your hair,
and kisses your face,
she does not give much space,
but you love her, and her sweet blue rain.
I could never write a poem about rain and feel like it is complete. Rain is just too good.
Ghost Writer 3 Oct 2016
How one must declare his way of thinking,
Without offending another's way of breathing,
How must one walk his own journey,
While plowing through the lilies of the field?

The silent chill of the nights sweet calling,
Will one ignore the way it is drawing-
The coat around the stranger's back,
The wool it clings like soppy wet paper.

The pines reaching into the black silky sky,
Stealing wonder, boasting like the badger -
Make shifting the scene into his own world,
Backbone reaching, strong, furrowed.

A note, a baby's innocent cry, a laugh
Seemingly part of every single night-
One does not live without repercussion,
There is no passive in passion,
everything around is connecting,
This, offended men, is this possible to deny?
*edited a bit
Ghost Writer 3 Oct 2016
We loved the man
But could not say
Wanting his hand
Looking another way
We loved the sun
Leaving no shadows
A perfect illusion,

For the poet who dresses
In passionate sorrows.
Ghost Writer 3 Oct 2016
Too many instances, repeated times
one after another, uncover invisible lies
I came pale and naked, exposed freely
forthright in each movement
never doubting the pose you revealed me
What devious plan did you hope to go through with
mask of an angel corrupted bones
sitting upon self-righteous throne
I learned to love which I did not know
left to spew your venomous soul

I am no extra in your night-mare
you may dance to your own grave
this is your own stage-production
I hope to never be part of your play.
Ghost Writer 3 Oct 2016
Love, let it **** me
dancing to thrill me
love, let it break
mending only to take
love, get what you want
At home, inside my arms
love, do not be alarmed
when you grow bored of my charm.
The irony of love is that often we use it as a form of taking, when it is actually a word of giving.
Ghost Writer 3 Sep 2016

Blood red candy canes,
Dancing with white lace
Mistletoe alone and gloomy
Christmas is a tragic day

Drooping emerald trees
Suffocating Christmas glee
A lovely time of year,
Minus all obnoxious cheer

Socks filled with diabetes
Disappointment breeding ,
Old lovers coming home,
Oh please **** me.


Ghost Writer 3 Sep 2016

Awh doubt, a glorious thing
Makes the heart stop fluttering
A flaw or two, a bad attitude
Slowly falling out of love,
Doubt, you pull me back down
Down from the clouds,
Into a quiet lounge.


Ghost Writer 3 Jul 2016
Find peace among the silence of the stars, comfort in the clouds, for nirvana sleeps inside the pain that you have postponed for so long.
Ghost Writer 3 Jul 2016
It won't ever become clear
the wind is blowing,
we don't know why, or where
we are all winners, all moving
on to the next freeway
the new uplifted moment
taken over by fear we hide
then we expose ourselves
like the god forsaken sun
everything is good,
as long as we are getting thinner
when do you think,
we will forget all the beer
living for life, and not living
for the treacherous fear.

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