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Thousand words
Can be written
On Mother's day ...
For the thousand words
You hear everyday...
Of Mother's love..

No words for Father's day..
For, Father is not a word
But an emotion of boundless
care and love.....
That's neither spoken nor heard
But .....only sensed and felt
So much , Inexpressible by words!!

And dads are always mad
In loving their kids
With madness hidden
Deep in their hearts !!
Heart sings
Your praise...
hand writes
those phrase !!
Plethora of talents plunged in
yet  HUMILITY personified...

Timer,  a need to punch her timely counters
On wits, she hears…  HUMOUR  is an armour !!

Acted as “Indra” in school play , but she’s “Karna’ in disguise  
Plea for a flower , surprise  awaits , With garden of flowers
GENEROSITY is not a mere play !!

Stormy restless minds, Feels at ease and peace
With an ear to her words , A testimony from me, too
She's a SOOTHER by nature !!

Drawing painting singing Instrumental and vocal
All safe in her hands... No doubt she's a Nightingale's  

Thick or thin , bestie or not  , Enjoy absolute care and support
Yet. she calls a *****,  a *****… No matter who is who..
FEARLESS in voicing truth !

Chartered accountant in very first strike, a rarity in records
A glowing crown on charming queen

A part and parcel of  NCC uniform that marched  Rajpath R-Day parade
Monumental and enviable moment , Yet , devoid of any  enemies
She is sincerely BELOVED!!

Few words of what she is …… And who she is ....
As no hymns she sings on her , yet  misses no chance to praise others
A MOTIVATOR quite always !!

A BOLD GIRL... class lady with elegance and integrity
Standing firm on her views.. … Can bear no other name...
Than ……….HARINI …..!!

( From flash back memories of
Rajini & kavitha)
My words
Are reflections
of your love
No coloured words
No covered feelings
No surreal perfections
Yet...with all imperfections
It's so real.....
And that's me
And my heart  !!
Keep your mind straight and firm
For success of your goal
With fitness not neglected
Move in confidence , sure to win !!

Glory and fame might envy your rivals
Sternly you don't compete with them
Compete and compare with you
Each day...and every other day
For a better you !!

Throw away the scar of troubles you faced
As each day is a new day if eyes are opened
Walk away from negativity that holds you back
By pooling your energy like sun !!

Stand on your legs firm
That you don't fall down so easily
Come what may like roaring waves !!
Rope tightly tied to  poles
Feels the pain of  little girl's legs
Moving as hands horizontally held
Balancing walk from fall into hunger  
Agitated little face reflecting it !!

Small boy steps his dance smilingly
To music of Nashik Dhol
Tuned by a mother's mind
In pain and sorrow...yet with hope !!

Father walks round and round
Whipping his own oiled body
Stubbornly bearing pain of beat
Picking tiny coins thrown by crowd
Into  collection plate of their life !!

A circus for living !!
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