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Fierce attitude
To be an achiever
So as to hold  the
trophy in hand
High upto sky...
And so  toasted
the efforts...
But then realised
hopes had holes
As I stood still
At where it started !!!
Shimmering sharp sword
Slit my throat deep
Aiding bleed profusely…
While your words dazzled  bright
Viciously laughing at the fallen me…
Like a lonely tree  
I feel I stand ....
At times tossing  head
to either sides...
Just to know if it's you
Who's passing by my side ....!!
Moon in the morns
stars with their stares
Keep themselves mum
With the rise of  day's sun !!
Walking by the woods
Had view of tiny flowering buds
That bloomed on the sideways
As a  beauty in sight by all ways.!!
Walking with a smile
In an inimitable own style
With a talk to others for a while
Gets to step on an extra mile !!
Little moments of enjoyment
Gives a sense of fulfillment..
As there's no retirement..
For these tiny amusements !!

-Kavitha Prabhakaran
#woods #walking
Petals of  dried flower  
Lay fallen dry and dull ...
Happy fragrance sent around
On glorious colourful days
Fades from memory..
As  songs loses its words
And words loses its music...
And trying to hear the unsung song
I feel fallen....
With no glorious past
Or colourful future!!
Nostrils clash gifting breathlessness...
Twists and turns lends sleeplessness....
Though on cosy comforts for a
peaceful slumber ....!!
And then ..
Interference of inhalers and steams
Aid in clearing war within nasal base
And  a feeling of relief  surrounds..
Though it's a bit away from feeling afresh !!
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