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Cosmic dancer adorned with ash
Being the beginning and the End
the form of father and mother
You, my Lord, my Universe !!
Of Creator, preserver and destroyer
My mind always falls for the destroyer
of thoughts and deeds wild and weird.
The destroyer of dreadfulness around
With tangled locks and Ganges in flow
Wearing Crescent moon’s golden glow
Serpents twining around neck
Meditating in stillness, profoundly deep
From third eye, wisdom's fire does leap !!
With trident in hand, and drums that  beat
In your fierce form, mostly misunderstood
Yet in your benevolence, lies the world's fate!!
Mahadev! Your grace is my ultimate state.
Every breath of mine is a gift from you
And every breath sings your praise and fame
You are the timeless one, beyond all ages!!
At dim-lit room’s corner
shines a candle bright
embracing its own doom.
life so tender of wax and wick
Yet, rendering un-definable warmth
no matter what of occasions.
An Altruistic flame on flickering dance
Glows for others, for others it shines !!
But does it weep in silence?
Secrets of sorrow kept alone to self.
who remembers the candle?
Who feels its plight?
as flames begin to fade
As it, self annihilates!!
Who values its sacrifice?  
Of burn for others and lay down life?
Not for any acclaim
But, for fulfilling life’s purpose!!
Will the candle’s legacy live?
In memories warm and stories bright?
When darkness falls
And there’s a candle ready to glow!!
Beneath the swaying trees
Where rivers flow silently,
a tale unfolds, as old as the sun.
In God's own country,
where hearts are kind- a partial truth
A mystery lingers in the collective mind.
Of the plethora of wealth that flows in
from lands afar middle east and west.
Yet, some say, the bowl is still empty
With a need for pleading on the loose!!
who are responsible?
With nothing Right and Left to ruins
sightless of lotus bloom
Is it the rulers, with vision unclear
Or silent voices, we struggle to hear?
Where are the famed heaps of wealth?
Of the land, now with begging bowl
it pains on labels, harsh and unkind.
On this land of beauty and endless charm !!
Let the ample fields where spices grow
Make the state, grow and glow
Weaving a story of hope, new and bold
where the future can unfold…
to rise above and find its calm.
for resilience to shine on every face !!
Mind worries as sun blazes
dwindling up water sources
held so close like precious treasure,
As earth spins, yearning for change!!

Soil waits in anticipation
Longing for monsoon’s gentle touch
and to hear stories from heavenly sky
gathered by collective clouds!!

Leaves stretch out their eager hands,
While roof tops become willing recipients
To embrace the raindrops
As convoy from the sky above!!

Mind dances as if on cloud nine
As celebration of renewal
Of dried-up life and leaves...
Waiting for the splash of rain
across every breeze in its way...
Of lone long walks with no barriers
between soul and heaven!!
Life's music plays
sweet and harsh tunes,
with marks of joy
And sorrow interwoven,
Better listen to the rhythm
Within, close to the heart
The beat unbroken and unyielding.
With belief, in self-worth
And the hidden power
To cross the flowing sorrows
And climb the joyful mountain.
With a smile… without doubts.
Whispering to wind…
“My journey has just begun"!!
In the sunset of unspoken dreams
Where it’s remains once danced in glitter
Drenched in fire , now seems  resigned,
Lies in ashes of memories, intertwined.
And the flickers that once warmed the soul,
Rests in the unattended corners,
Of the heart, silent and deep.
With hopes for a new beginning
From every finish, like a rise of phoenix
From the unattended corners of heart!!
I’m back to my place ,
that prepared  me to race
A place that  let me learn
To keep shoulders up than to lean
Gave me strength  to stand tall
In every situation that tilted  for a fall
Taught me to hide worries under a smile
And make my walk worth while
A place that made me freak as a teen
Showed me a   world I had never seen
Gave me heart breaks  
Removable by no hacks
Where it was fun
To hang around under sun
With friends and theirs too
Enjoying life with no clue
Of what  in store for future
As that was our nature..
Thoughts of all brings smiles
but now  within It’s cries
for the Years  that distanced
Me from this place for no stance..
Like an alien in the land I stay
As how much I miss this place all way
I’m back to my place
To breath its air  for a day's phase
I’m back to my place, I'm lost!!!
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