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Standing  tall and stable,  
With no branches broken
And no trunks scattered
But intact with loyalty,
forever bound, even in wildest storm!!

A character like rare,
precious gem...
Through tests and trials
proved time and again,
marking  loyalty at its  core !!

As many stories unfold..
Like a lamp of trust
and  light,  in sight..
it gleams , surrounded by hues
Of black and white...!!

A lifestyle never forged..
But living  like a dream
With no compromise.
But completely true
having no veiled lies.. !!

A choice made deep within.
To be true to self  !!
The child in me plays gleefully
Spinning the umbrella as if
In a whimsical way…
As a way to get soaked
in the drops of rain
And fall in the world
of magical display.
that fills my heart with joy
As the rain softly twirls…!!
Sipping a  cup of warmth,
held close in  hand, And
gazing from afar, enchanted and charmed
I wander through the misty wonderland
Created by the dense drops from the sky
And then sneezing all-day
Sending a sigh of fever
But still enjoying it
As monsoon’s gentle touch…..
And then waiting for another drench
A moment
that nothing else can restrain!!.
In the golden dawn,
the sun does rise,
Casting its glow
upon the skies...
All alone....!!

With silvery brightness  
Of no complaints,
All through the day
Upon the sky smiles  and shines
All alone !!

As day bids its fond adieu
For the sun to retire...
With a colourful gleam
it sets down  from the sky..
All alone. .. !!

Somewhere, some how..
It relates  with me .
In the journey of life...
For the brilliance of standing
All alone !!
In the realms of dream
When stars and moonlight
Weave their tales..
I seek solace in the ocean
Of my eyes
As your smile hurts much
Along with unspoken words
And innumerable emotions,...
Your gaze takes me away
from being as my self
to the deepest
layer of the wild ocean...
Filled with blues and sharks
And the striking tides ....
And i lay there..
Under the moon light..
In the realms of my dreams
Thinking of you ....!!
Let silence speak for a moment
While i gaze into your eyes
to explore what they may seek
And to know if our paths
Shall ever converge....and
If we were meant to be one
to become symbol of  perfection
for the world around..
Or just live our  lives apart..
Like the sun and moon
Never to be together...
Just playing the hide and seek !!
Like a scar it burns within me
For letting go of possibilities
And probabilities to score
On held talents and make them grow
To seize the day and drink life’s wine,
But as of now the voice of my life
Seems much like whispers’ caught
in wind’s dance
faded and evaded the chances
of singing a symphony of joy
by making much from the precious
gift of time……!
A lingering sense of remorse
Flowing tears of regret..
colours a vibrant view on life….
To make life much more
Beautiful in my own way….!!
#timeflies   #beautifullife
Sun refuses to wake
And the sky is coloured cloudy
Gentle breeze  dance and play
Caressing cheeks and hair as
Chillness comes along
Southwest direction in row…
And the earth seems ready
To quench thirst  
with the first droplet of
Heaven’s dew ……
As  the monsoon arrives
In style !!
#rain #keralarain #monsoon
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