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Phoenix Sep 2023
The time of man
Chooses the future

Is it true
or only a violent episode?

The growth of the unique
Are revolutionizing our ideas

Stripping away the broken
In public by an audience of connoisseurs

The king is dead
What will the robin do then, poor thing?

Suds in your eye
Household words

Two thousand years of war
Enjoyed at home
In a city in love with
The critic's view
I took clips of words from magazines and made a poem from them in my journal. I thought y'all might like it too.
M Solav Mar 2022
Thought is finding its shape,
Becoming stronger¹,
And word by word,
Layer upon layer,
Taking form².

The mind is a collage
Creating itself from cut-up scraps¹;
It is a sculpture built by a flowing
Fountain of sand,
Both constantly being eroded
And being formed

And grown by the erosion²,
The sculpting fingers of erosion¹,
The sculpted shadows of forgetfulness².
Grains of memory
Beneath the fingernails¹,
They fall, they forget;

One remains².
Written on January 6th, 2022.

This is a photopoetry collaboration with poet Paul Rowland¹ ( We took turns writing verses on an abstract image on Instagram.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
an artist Feb 2021
Day and by night
A girl with no doubt
Still exerts a sort of tidal pull of possibility
I suppose I’m lucky I wasn’t killed in those early days
I learned to be very careful
You know that you are in an extraordinary place
I have greatly expanded my knowledge and understanding of how these work
And probably just in time
Lived richer, fuller, more satisfying lives than you can imagine…
I want them to know that they came from
The beauty of the mountains, meadows, streams, and sky,
That beauty is clear
Blooming Beauty is Boundless
Painless, selfless, endless
It reflects contentment
You should live life based on how you feel,
Extend human knowledge as an explorer,
And always want to fight evil.
Thank you
Peace out
i made this poem using cut out words and phrases from magazines, receipts, National Geographics, and brochures.
an artist Jan 2021
i always said you were the star
some kind of genius
and then right out of the blue,
he makes his garden.
opposite of terrible.
as had been before
what a tragedy that had been,
one of the few mistakes made,
one that proved victory forever
lovers always loved again,
he'd believed that.

a dream of happiness
collage poetry ~ taken from word and phrase clippings or by blocking out text on a page of a book with sharpie (this one was sharpie) - 2020
Somewhatdamaged May 2020
No matter what you do
Your past will always haunt you
How hard you run
How long you hide
Past will always find you
Tear you from the inside
Present the world in the collage
Of what you really are
And in the end
All you can do
Either embrace your past
Or curse yourself
the ruthless memories that never goes away....
Breanna Apr 2020
It's best on the carpet
kneeling over clippings

vogue magazines and
national geographic
******* from some early year

I cut them up and paste them

sense of control
of placement

tall cotton socks
nothing digital
shapes in shapes

any way I like it

torn edges
blue paper
make waves
for imaginary boats

capture a memory
a moment

in a scene you can hold
make your own

what could be better than that?
Madison Greene Mar 2019
there's a letter I wrote you with no address
in a box beneath my bed
and this isn't a metaphor for the time I spent waiting for you
there's scattered words in my head
playing like a broken record
a collage of tired clichés
holding just enough truth to echo the memories of you
there's nails on my fingers bitten to the brim for every time your name's been in my mouth
and I've tried to wash it down
but something about the wiring in my brain
has fooled me into believing my excess of love
will make up for your lack there of
Derrek Estrella Oct 2018
A genie working on a 9 to 5
Faces telling him to stay alive
Oh no, no!
It is the freakiest show
Their devils sleeping under their bed
But they've got him on house arrest
Oh, why
Are we so eager to try?

Don't mistake me for misunderstanding that you had it bad
Just like your dress this predicament is just a fad

Hey, little gender-****** 
Watch for return to sender
Make sure you're by the coast
That's where they'll love you the most
No time for entitlement
Your words are sentient
Trade a board for a pen
We don't need no citizen

I got a secret
I want you to spread it
Play them anything
Show us something

A kid jumped off of the rooftops
To make his way safely to the candy shop
Oh, how
Do people notice a house?
The wise fool begged in the biggest square
They put him in the alley and they listened there
Oh, when
Did they do the "paper-bend"?

Don't mistake me for misunderstanding that you had it all
This crass crusade will surely stop at the nearest shopping mall

Here comes the space heater
With a 9 millimetre 
People say he's colour blind
Who's court, his or mine?
The joke from the chieftain 
Is that he's a Bohemian
Who you are is never born
Gotta start out forlorn

I got a secret 
I want you to spread it
Dance in the streets
Trust your heartbeat

If you are deaf, well, we all feel what we've gotta say
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