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Nylee Jul 2021
Little by little
every shard of my work
will disappear from this world
and the time will erase
my existence
yet this year I celebrated my birthday
Eyes are supposed to be
the windows to the soul...

I think they’re really
Just funhouse mirrors

Taking something
And twisting it
Into something that is not
Jawad Mar 2019
I was not here
You never saw me
We never spoke
You never told me in spring
That you don’t

I am alone
This never happened
I never did this
I can’t give
What I don’t own

I never will be there
Maybe you will
But I shall not
And I don’t care
People who don’t want to admit
Ollie Feb 2019
Walking through a mist of hatred,
With no fog lights,
I was idle to see
What love is to be.
Love, finding myself.
Natalia Jimenez Oct 2018
I ******* hate you for what you did. You knew that my heart was yours and you did this to me .. you caused me to bleed. In that moment you made all the i love you’s ******* irrelevant. I hate you with everything I have, with my whole existence and soul. How could one person cause so much hurt. I trusted you I told you I was scared to get close to another being and you didn’t care. You took the last piece and now I’m vanished, not even dust at this moment but and aura of hate. I hope you see this one day luv.
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