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Bryan Dec 2022
So, in darkness,
and in foreign land,
we plotted our invasion.
Cleaning sand from our effects,
we readied for the occasion.
The air seemed to cool,
and build anticipation,
but of life, or of death?
The wind's exhortations
were a giant's dying breath:
Fitful in expectation
of whatever comes next,
forgiveness or damnation,
or an endless, empty depth,
lacking sense or explanation,
like this chasm filled with darkness,
awaiting our exploration.
From "the thorn of roses" in my profile
Bryan Oct 2022
It's like i'm from another earth,
i'm so extra-terrestrial.
It's like i'm from a ****** birth,
annointed holy: the celestial.
My word is the blade of man,
i'm the vocalist vestibule,
with the tongue that is best to rule:
i spin gold with but threads of wool
Fools clear out they schedules
for the local, state, federal,
yet i endeavor unfettered through
The restrictions that tether you.

The purchase of aptitude
is priced to attract but few,
my soul at this altitude
is burdened with solitude:
i'll be forever indebted
to the devil i sold it to.
Bryan Oct 2022
Profundity in a copious abundance.
A plethora of permutations
manifested in a space station
just for  this one occasion.
I'm A miserable mishap of a synapse relapse.
Too many g's spent strapped in a  spacecraft.

I'm way past.

Approaching the apogee of my orbital flight path,

i stay fast.

Commanding the  keys
i release by degrees
the sequence i need
to regulate speed.
position the yaw to place the weight on  the wings.


Friction reverberates the joystick.
A firm grip confirms slip starboard to resist it.

Missed  it.

overcorrect to port and hit the thrusters as the shuttle steeply listed.

Fixed it.

Fuel flow sufficient.  
Systems full power...
Planetary collision imminent.
Straps bound with linemant
grind against the ligaments  
of this rocket's only complement.
Fully and always confident
that i'm more than only competent,
I choose a  continent.

Raise the nose to soften descent
and verbally deploy nuclear armaments.

Alarming hits disarm blips and sink ships with robot hiss.

Welcome to my ****.
Bryan Oct 2022

Bryan Oct 2022
This is how it started,
Sitting in an ugly tree,
Eating ugly sandwiches
And they's as good as they could be
When suddenly,
There came a breeze,
And I was falling gracefully.
I hit my head on every branch...
Then the tree fell on me.

I shamefully admit I tried
Plastic surgery
But the doctors were dismayed to see
My ugliness increase.

I got a job, at the circus,
And the freaks were scared of me...
Left me locked up in a cage
To rot eternally.

But I broke free.
Through the bars I squeezed.
All of this before the manly age of thirteen,


Many years go by
With little hope for me.
This ugly man that you see
Won't ever be on TV.
So I scribble all my grief
Tearing holes in paper leaves,
And I admit it openly
There's no reprieve in my deluge.
I've gotta stay outta view,
Because the voodoo i brew
Will pull the pretty out of you,
And make you look ugly, too.

I'm an ugly *******
Ain't no need to hide the truth.
Everything about me's ugly
From my cap down to my shoes,


Watch just what you say,
Or ill get ugly with you.
'Cause ugly is as ugly does.
And ugly's what I do.
Bryan Oct 2022
It's hard to say, but surely true,
'Twas a lonely day 'fore I met you.
We spent it talking all afternoon
And locked our hands as darkness grew.

At midnight we shared secret news.
What could leave the night subdued?
In pitch and fury, passions do,
Which led to dawn in bright renew.

We broke our fast and moon withdrew.
The morning laughed with me, with you...

The most perfect day I ever knew,
Started lonely, cold, and blue.
Bryan Aug 2022
Whatever's clever
And furthers your endeavor,
Allow it to continue forever...
It's my pleasure.

May the happiness you seek
Find its way into your week
And you never let the meek
Trap your tongue in cheek.

Just spit it out and speak.
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