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Poetic T Sep 16
Imprisoned in
     satin seductions,
     like a jail cell of purity stained.

You were meant
          to be my saviour.

          But you sold me on like cattle..
Phi Kenzie Aug 7
Spending it to make it?
Now that’s money

Consumable and hoardable
folly’s quest yet necessary evil

How much is enough?
Too little?
Too great?

Does anyone deserve it
can you earn it and be happy
or is it all together absurd?
Money money money money money money
- Mr. Krabs, Gordon Gecko, Smaug
They called me yesterday
a mission to the stars
**** of a long way too go
the distance, very far

A Galactic Ambassador
emissary to the Universe
teach them of us
myriad and diverse

Messages from earth to them
communications key
what they may want too trade
valuables, we'll see

I'd only caution patience
Corporations would demand
we rip them off every time
as per the Corporate plan
I can't wait to spread our capitalistic greed avarice and consumerism to other civilizations!
Yeah, right!
Isaac Ward Jun 1
Darkened alleys,
Cloaked in mist,
Tendrils of smoke-
Cradled in fist,

A cigarette,
Burning out,
A neon sign-
Flickers with doubt,

A fiery drink,
A purchased kiss,
Maybe more...
Is that your wish?

And as the day
     Turns to night,
As the lovers  start to fight,
Your empty bed
     Isn't so alone,
We all want to be known.
Walking, talking, eating,
One lover only baking,
hum waking- up
Is anyone good
at loving?
The modern
love robot

There is
Oh! Yes
Lend me all
at my home

The ((OZ)) fame
Artsy Auntie
(EM) so lame

Listening to
blush also
*** in-between
My break up
My lunch hour
All over again
way off the street
look out I almost

That Casanova

Sexter machine
Pixstar diet
Laughing to
the bank

You are
But in the
least seeing
Her for what
she is
The beauty
she is making
up the beast
He is the
Eight personalities
Burnt money
Miss French fries
Baby blue eyes cry
My cash went dry
Henry the eighth

The love affair in
September Goth
Just recently shot
Lord of the rings
Be sure you don't get
the blues
She-devil jeweler
Saphire I
got rushed
She fires out!!
She Forgets **
The finest

On the tenth
Cash reminder rush
I cannot recall
how I
got here?

I will be back
for the cash!!
That gave her
Total recall

Over there
left more
overloaded trash
What cash potential
her  best clothes

He looked like
moon dancer
Jacksons five
black glove
Casanova the
best climate
For Cash
Australian mate
Jack Flash
You cant always
get what
you want
But if you try
You might get
what you need
Don't rush
your life away

With that
Don't rush your
stars of
the Nova Scotia
This is comical so about cash time just rushes by in a flash.
Who do you love to take your time this world is crazy you may not have the time
trf May 1
There's just no easy way to say
Packed a bag and I left the house today

I let you in and trusted you like therapy
Now my rear view reads you appear too close to me

I've just got no more time to spend
Check engine lights and I gotta pay the rent

Passenger door's ajar the way it ought to be
Used to hold your hair back after one too many

Been putting this off like an overdue oil change
Speeding from a reflection in our window pane

I'm done with aching
And the Summer's bout to break
You'll be forgiven
But right now I must escape
This All.
Death Cash
Life insurance death payout doesn’t make sense
Surely you’re meant to be a live to enjoy the payout?
But they only pay when you’re dead and buried
Something aint right there…
cosmicii Jan 6
I know you think I'm materialistic,
But let me please be realistic,
I need to work to make all of this,
No fairy is going to be granting my wishes
And I need to have all of it
Poetic T Nov 2017
She was a landmark of
            many journeys

The only quandary
            at this moment
is others had travelled
her more than self..

She was a
               penny machine
letting others deposit in her.

But she had left this emotion
                     long ago...

She collected her pennies,
         throwing them angrily
into a wishing well of despair..
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