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rk 2h
only you
can make a conversation
feel like a one night stand
leaving me drunk on your words
before sneaking out the door
disappearing into silence
without so much as a goodbye.
- you would think i'd be used to this routine by now.
rk 1d
just a foolish girl
letting nostalgia
fill her heart
and leave her aching
for a love
that never existed.
- only you have the uncanny ability to make me feel so incredibly forgettable.
rk 1d
a great man said
that to love,
is to allow yourself
to free fall helplessly
into another
falling for you
wasn't soft and quiet
like autumn leaves
dancing in the wind,
it was closing my eyes
and diving
into the unknown
like a baby bird
finding my wings,
unsure if the jump
would **** me
or set me free.
rk 3d
the hardest truth
is that nothing lasts forever
everything is temporary
i see now
that our reality was simple
i was just another way
for you to get through
the lonely nights
i knew the hurt was inevitable
that foolish dreams
had clouded my vision
i guess i just thought
we might have made it.
rk 5d
i still remember
your sleepy steel eyes
staring back at me
bed hair and soft sheets
your tender fingertips
always lost
in my crimson hair
that just couldn't stop itself
from gently spilling
onto your face
in those moments i knew
you would always give me
a thousand new reasons
to unravel for you
before the amber sun
filled the sky
with her nectarine kisses.
- it's all for you.
rk 6d
once i learned
that we only understand
4% of the known universe,
and our lives on earth
are but a grain of sand
born out of supernova
each of us made of stardust,
i understood
just how lucky then were we
to be birthed into existence.
to find and love each other
underneath the silver starlight.
maybe that's why,
i seen constellations
dancing in your eyes
each time they met mine.
rk 6d
i've been asked
what the best moment
of my life is so far
and in my head
one sole memory
dances brightly;
the first time you kissed me
you pulled me into you
with unstoppable fire
your hands in my hair,
moonlight burning in your eyes.
it was as if you had waited
your whole life to do it
and the moment your lips
bled into mine i knew,
i had been waiting
my whole **** life to feel it.
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