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Randi Jan 23
I feel like Im here

But I also feel Im like Im not

I feel like Im here

Always in thought

Its not that I hate it

Here in where I am

But its that no one else

Can hear me when I speak

I want to be heard

But no one listens anymore

I guess I closed that door

Long before.
Randi Jan 21
I feel like Im one

Of many within

But only one body

Meant for one not twenty

Its like Im just one shard of a thing

Like I was whole but now shattered


I don't get why not now not ever.

I scream for help but no hears my endeavors

Im lost,Im losing,this battle Im fighting

But at the same time,Im the one whose winning.

Im just a fracture,a shard,a piece of it all

One that can see when we all shall fall

I don't understand who I am anymore.But thats fine.Im done

My stories past

I know I am nothing,nothing but last.
I made this for practice.CRITICISM IS WANTED AND NEEDED!.Please give me all criticism that you have!
Randi Dec 2018
Why do others feel the emotions?
Its like I was
Given a demotion
I don’t feel them like you do
Some times I do
But sometimes I feel echos
Empty and true
Like the outline of my circle that should be filled
I don’t have what you
never needed to will
to come along and join the fun
I have to wait for it
I have to bait it
I have to wait continuously for what is causing a commotion
To come arrive
Thats my emotions
But half the time it doesn’t
It just doesn’t come
I get the outline of my circle
Never filled
never done
I wrote this when I was feeling pretty empty over the summer.I felt lonely and confused,yet just empty.
Randi Apr 2018
You may think i am the one for you
But what if your wrong?
But what if im right?
What if i dont want to spend the night?
What if im ace?
What if i dont want to have a trace
Of you with me,what if i dont want
to have you near me?

what if i hurt you?
what if i harm you?
What will you do then? will you understand? or will i be gone
Like the millions of other wrongs you have had

What if you make me happy?
What if you make me glad?
What if you make me sad?
What if you make me mad?

All these 'what ifs' and you still dont have a answer?
Ok,im just being a dancer
Dancing around the answer
To put it simple
I wont be your advancer
Im ace,so i wont give you a chance
Go away,now go,go take your stance
'Im just being a dancer' as in im just dancing around the answer

Ace is short for asexual.Which is what i am myself
Randi Apr 2018
My embers are cold,
my memory forgotten
my bones old and rotten
all i need now is my fire aflame
remember me now
or i shall die in vain
Randi Apr 2018
People only focus on the time when the sun shines

But if even if you ignore it

The darkness still is there

It just wants you to care.

It is sad with no attention,
the sun has so much wear,
take time for the darkness,
it won’t hurt you,
it just wants to be friends with you
Randi Apr 2018
You think i am dumb?
this will surely be fun

I live my life,not caring to seek,what you others
consider to be the peak.

I dont speak often,why waste words on you? Its not like i dont

want you to shoo.

You act like im dumb,but you think your number one? I know a million more things then you,

so stop,go play peekaboo
This is mainly out of just...Well...bullying.At school people were busy acting today as if im dumb,ignoring their calling me names and trying to trip me (something i already do enough of),and so,i decided to make this.Peak as in po
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