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Tick Tock
The time is flying
Tick Tock
It's not stopping
Tick Tock
It keeps moving
Tick Tock
Why are you fighting

Tick Tock Tick Tock
What are you holding onto
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Why aren't you letting go
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Come on and just give in
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Time is gonna catch up

Tick Tock Tick
Is it really worth it
Tick Tock tick
You can't be loved
Tick Tock Tick
It won't hurt them
Tick Tock Tick








Whenever I start spiraling in my head i listen to a watch i have and the sound calms me down.
Atli Dec 2019
She used to stare up at the ceiling
She used to think she was strong
Thought that all those times
You weren't on her mind,
She was healing
But maybe she was wrong

She keeps the old messages
Just to recall the time
When love truly did exist
Before she became a pessimist

Before she hated everyone
Before she kept her feelings within
Before the demons took over her life
Before she gave right in
Keiri Oct 2019
Who stands by me now I face the demon?
Who will be beside me now I cannot see the sun?

Now my strength is dropping, my courage is stopping, who's here to pass me the gun?

I do not remember climbing this mountain on my own.
Everyone I had are now suddenly gone.

Who will aid me slaughtering this giant demon?
Who will drag my limbs back to the sun?
Who stands by me, now this fight has begun?

Where are you! Yes you! Who knows my pleads too well.
Where were you at the ringing of the drums and the bell.

Why leave me on the top of the mountain, why leave me ready to die.
Where are you now I'm standing this high.
Why did you leave without saying goodbye.
Ready to see my dead body even try.

Where are you now I'm about to give in.
Who will stop me to surrender?
Who will see me step in,
the demon's fury, so hot and tender.
no comment
Pure of Stars Feb 2019
it’s that voice in my head that gets me every time
right when i think everything is okay
it reminds me otherwise
it tells me all the things i try to hide away
it pushes its fingers down my throat
and grabs the razor on my sink
and right before i fall asleep
it lets me know all of the terrible things i am
It’s something else inside of me. it isn’t always what people say. or what i feel. it’s like a part of me doesn’t want me to get better. this dark demon. this voice that whispers nasty things to me.
Jaxey Feb 2019
She was scared of the monsters
Hiding under her bed
But the scariest of them all
Were the ones in her head
Can you get rid of these monsters
Kore Jan 2019
there we stay
twisting, snapping, following
each other
round and round and round
in battle unwinnable

teeth sunk into
my thigh
hands at your furred neck
grasping, growling struggle
Jaxey Oct 2018
You warned me about your demons
I said I didn't mind
And I didn't
Until they dragged me down
To hell with you
**** me demons please
Mr Uncanny Oct 2018
I am broken
My mind, body, and soul
Shattered into millions of pieces
Darkness was slowly looming over me
The rabbit hole looked so tempting
A way to stop feeling
To stop caring
Only the dark seemed to call me
I could no longer feel the light
Looking in the mirror,
I did not like who I saw
These soulless eyes staring back at me
The life and joy ****** out
The routine of the day just getting to me
Meaningful things just felt meaningless
The light in my eyes just fading to black
Through all this
You never ran
Though the darkness tried to consume me
Your glimmer of light was enough to end the invasion
When I tried to hide the pain
You patiently waited
When I hide my feelings
You patiently waited
Although it was hurting you
You gave me the time,
The space,
To find myself
I found myself
The light returning to my eyes
The shattered pieces finding their way back together
My mind, body, and soul reawakening
I was broken
But not anymore
It took strength that I did not know exist
Strength to lean on you
I was broken
And I could not do it on my own
You saved me
Thank You!
Samruddhi Oct 2018
He has seen you every summer and the rain
He has seen you in and out of pain!
He has been there all your life
Silently watching over you as you took that knife
He saw you hurt your own self
In your room behind that shelf!
He was there beside you all along
Your own shadow was the only one who stayed this long!
Shadow might be inner demons, or even the subconscious mind!
But the whole point of this muse is.. you are the only one who stays with yourself till the end of the journey! So acknowledge and love your existence!
nihiliti Jun 2018
I can call upon myself
but it's just a shell

bones break surface
offering quilltips
for forging poems
graduated cylinder-strained
diluted-air grade
not from concentrate


the mechanism's safe
as sealed secret tombs
are safe
an echo of disdain
for which I apologize

aquiver with paste-
like listenings
replicating histories
foreign and estranged
to taciturn gaze;
functional, but

shells function as people
but not as well
words wish but don't tell
what awaits ingrained
in bones broken
for blessing

pop! but distressing
echoing, echoing
pain empathetically parsed
but cannot relate
it's too late

I'm walking
but not talking
I'm listening
but not communicating
I'm dead
but not yet down

entombed in my head;
all that might have been
still can, but
a refusal to bend
is found
in my own pen

I've built a prison for myself
The writing's on the skin.
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