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R Oct 2020
His hugs,
Firm hands,
And drunk thoughts,
Her crooked teeth,
And non stop talks.
His shirts,
Her dresses,  
From the street side shops.
He walked,
She hopped,
To reach home
And cuddle their one eyed dog.
The joy of existing and being satisfied.
Moth Feb 2020
Bright colors dance
Pattern of stripes
Swish and flick
Turning about now
When you turn
In motion flowing
Fabric so light
It could fly
Today my therapist was wearing a very cool dress. When she turned it swished and it was full of super bright colors! I kind of want one as well. I don’t think I’m tall enough to pull it off though.
Anya Sep 2018
Just a color
Is it really?

In preschool it was fine
I liked what I liked
No one cared

In elementary school
It became
Yet, ironically
This made most of the girls
Like me
Stay away from it

And instead,
It became cool for a guy
To like it

In highschool
Girls don’t care
Guys don’t care
People like what they want

Is that really how it is?

Somewhere, under the surface
Amongst sparkly pink nails
And dresses

It’s not a color anymore
But a symbol
Cana May 2018
A cackle of hens
A parliament of baboons
They giggle and guffaw
Ladylike buffoons

The alcohol flows
The snow falls deep
The dads watch through squinted eye
The Bahamas vibe, new age sheep

They waltz to their yachts
New dresses flowing
Their saunter falters
Their confidence still growing
The young girls on daddies boat, Partying in the Bahamas.
Growing up, I always saw myself as the princess that needed to be rescued by a handsome prince.
Waiting for the one to come in his shining silver armor and a sword that shines in the moonlight
while I wear the long flowing dresses and a crown, only sitting and waiting.
While waiting for him, he is out fighting and battling, living an adventure.
Now I sit here and realize:
I am the one who saved myself
I am not only wearing my crown, but also the silver armor and carrying my own sword.
I am the one waiting on myself to have my own adventures.
Not only am I my own princess, I am my own knight.
I am my own savior.
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