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The way we connected
The way we drifted apart
was just like XIAOMI global.
(During 2020 China India Relations)
"For love can comment upon every woe"

This love
has been dead and  remained ghost,

my love
my stowaway,
"as who should say,
my strength is tried"

he's the light within the dawn
As the morning star is seen
by glistening eyes.

His love
his eyes, a melancholy malcontent

if his love he'll soon forget,
this is what I can't have again.
"The Merchant of Venice"
Act 4 scene 1
William Shakespeare
Xant Sep 2019
As the lights went dim
I found myself adrift
into an altered reality

And that's about
the furthest I can get,
away from this harsh
How I feel when the stores are closing for the day
Nolan Willett Jun 2019
The door has been opened, the curtains lifted
That which is unseen now I see
And though through my life I have drifted
In woeful ignorance of its majesty
It’s beauty unknown to me
My soul is now uplifted
Gordon Chai Oct 2018
water rises, cloud forms.
wind blows, gravity flows.
what more does it take
before you realize
the ground has changed.
sankavi Apr 2018
i loved you
i really did
i couldnt love you
i wasnt allowed to love you
i tried to make you understand
now youre gone
i cant move on
- i tried
everyone should be allowed to love who they want too bad i wasnt
Kenji Mar 2018
I'm losing you, and you losing me.
Nothing is the same as how it used to be.
You are now just a fraction of the past.
We are no more, and that is the lost art.
Free, happy, optimistic, is where I am now

We drifted apart, a soul, now ripped in two

Our love kept us together, but now we stuck in the loop.
I don't belong in your world anymore, and, you don't belong in mine.
I didn't want you to leave, but, I'm selfish, so I just let myself slip away.
I love you, and you love me, but, it's not enough, so now I just love myself.
And now, it's enough
It's all I have, and it's all I will keep.
Eternity, as I have gained a new type of happiness.
My soul, my other half, my best friend: Kelly May Vorster
Things happen, but it's life, and, we gotta deal with it.
Love you always, always in my heart
hannah Feb 2018
What happen between us
We used to be friends now you avoid talking about me much less talking too me
I used cry every night wondering why I have lost you as a friend
Now I just lay down and stare at the window numbly wondering what I did wrong...
Desired Dreamer Jan 2018
Strangers with memories,
that's all we are.
Like two seashells on a beach,
drifted apart by waves of time.
going our separate ways,
Strangers with memories,
that's all we'll ever be.

After all that strangers with memories that'll we'll ever be...
David Adeniyi Dec 2017
This daydream,
So lacking in appeal,
Jealously abounds,
Blurs come in random order,
My mind drifted restlessly,
I find myself wandering,
Why am I here?

I'll brood in silent contemplation,
Though my heart holds a burden,
While fancying pleasures,
I'm not swayed by pressure,
I'm completely still in my own calmness.

Breaking the silence of complacency,
Was nothing but the realization,
I was a specimen,
Used for an experiment,
To prove a point...
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