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Quinn Adaire Sep 2
Drift away
Watching the sunset
Feeling the wind blowing on our backs.
Move to the vibrancy,
Of a ripple from a raindrop.
Feel the current shift infinitely,
As they touch the water top.
Drifting with waves that crash and change.
Anastasia Aug 3
I want to drown
I want to breathe the water in
And never breathe out again
I want the salt water to burn the fresh cuts in my wrists
I want the dark to cradle me as I float into never ending sleep
I want to drift off
with no sign of life
I want to drown
I wonder how do you go back
to being strangers with someone
who has seen your soul?
How do you go back to being strangers
with someone who used to spend every moment
of everyday with?
But seeing you,
answered all my questions.
Johnny walker Jun 15
To just drift away silently
at end of my day's nothing
more could I ask but
slip away pain free from this life that I no longer  believe or have faith
Its a world falling apart through ill management those who are
country through their self
and greed I can no longer believe
those who
have ruined our once great Country and turned all but the
rich to poor best of all they denie It all and feel no
for their cruel policies they forced on us all and pertically
the disadvantaged of this fast falling apart country they shun responsibility for
I would rather die poor than to be apart of a disgusting ruling party we all have to suffer
I live to tell of their downfall for their days
are closing fast there Is nowhere else for them to hide
Ashley Kaye Jun 13
when they told me:
Guard your spirit
i laughed, frilly manner
listless with decision
a water lily bobbing;
eager to cut my anchor and drift
drifting into deep

depth swallows my yellow.
Written June 2019
John Arthur Jun 12
Everything was over before it started
I had left the earth and our hearts had parted
I thought that you had left my mind
I convinced myself that I was fine
It wasn't long before I began to sway
And saw that without you there was no day
There was no night and nothing to say
I knew right then that I couldn't stay
I needed you, my milky way.
Pyrrha Apr 29
Some days are ephemeral
A short but sweet memory

Some are longer days
That carry me far away
And I simply drift

The days that are the longest
Are the ones that take me farthest

And I simply drift
Into the abyss of time
Chasms of nothing

The void of desolation
A veil torn to shreds by light

Till I find the path
That leads me back to myself
I will simply drift
A poem I wrote for my friends creative writing class cuz she was too lazy
Indiana Apr 14
When were you going to tell me?
Was it the day, you moved out to a separate room
Saying you need some space of your own
Or the day, you told me not to stay up waiting
And changed password of your phone

But do you know I knew it all?
Even before the day you stopped looking at me
The way you used to, all starry eyed
I already saw it coming, when I started missing you despite you being by my side

You falling out of love
Was like a dried leaf falling off a tree
I knew it's all over
Seeing you living just fine without me.
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