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Traveler Sep 2020
Time is but a nagging measurement
Kinetic forces, inertia unleashed
Every birthday now forth
One year closer to entropy

Deformity of my spirituality
Preserve my heart in wine
The calamity of my existence
Chaotically divine

My charity dreary
My energy empathy drains
As I share your agony
To ease your suffering

I seek refuge
Alone in the wilderness
Drawing faces on the moon
Deities behind the clouds
Here wayward creature
Are solemnly set a fowl
Traveler Tim
S R Mats Mar 2015
You flow kinetic
Like a quiet rain - Motion
Leaf in pond water
Kinetic motion, water.
Grace Jordan Sep 2014
I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

But I also walked with you, and you, and you.

After losing my caterpillar, after sending him away, my dreams are a jumbled mess of maybes, from one boy to another, my mind swimming haphazardly in all the possibilities that I have no clue who I am falling for or who is most on my mind.

I just want to be close to people. I want to love people, and I want to be kissed, and I want to dance in the rain.

I don't even know if i want it to be real, or just one person, i just want to dream and want someones to hold my hand and make me feel like I belong.

You and Me and all other people and I can't keep my eyes off of you.

Make me feel that, someone, anyone.


Give it time, things will fall into place, like leaves onto water, stumbling through the air until they reach the place where they belong, calm and kinetic all at once.

Until things fall, until I land, I will fall and dance with all the people I love, holding so many hands and seeing where my dreams take me. Until I find You, until I find the one who makes me stop looking, I will never stop dancing. I will become the most vibrant, exciting, lovable me.

For you only.

— The End —