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Jessica Duru Oct 27
I look up to a thousand folks,
And what do I get?

This world I am;
This place I am forced to dwell
When will I be free?

I've searched and still haven't found anything;
Anything just so my mind will be at ease
And will cease to ache!
And until it's found,
It will continue to be..

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your my new best friend
And that is you


  Giggles. So who's ready for my next poem? Ooh, I know y'all can't wait ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
Jessica Duru Oct 27
When I'm down, I think about you,
The things we used to do
And the moments we used to share

I remember the time we'd play out on the sand,
The coolness of the breeze blowing us
And the wind singing in our path
Raising praises in our name

But now all that is left are memories
I vowed never to forget
Never to let go...
Until we meet again

Jessica Duru Oct 22
United we stand
Together we work
Our nation we build
Our home we seek
Our freedom we strive
Our voices we raise
And with hope, we will win!
Jessica Duru Oct 21
The labour of our heroes past
Shall it be in vain?

Our father land, our home
Shall it still be?

This chaos, this war
To what end?

This spirit of death ruling the day
Birthing agony and fear
When shall it stop?

The air reeks badly of blood;
The blood of innocent victims polluting the land;
A once peaceful land,
So blessed and graced
But now filled with terror:

Countless souls hovering unrest
Songs of mourning raised in their name;
Chants for justice enveloping the  air
As men match, seeking for what they desire

The labour of our heroes past
Shall it be in vain?

This greater tomorrow we seek
When will it be?

The people suffer in silence;
Their words having no meaning to those invoke
The oppressors claiming to be better
But no more will that be
For the time has come;
The time to reclaim what has being lost
So peace and harmony will reign once again
The present occurrence in my country. My heart is pained. I can't even write without crying. OH!!
Jessica Duru Oct 20
A hero's time is a time of great joy;
A time of ecstasy and happiness
A time of wonders and countless things ought to marvel at
A time to celebrate and bring together amazing people;
One always to be heard and never be forgotten
For all lifetime
Jessica Duru Oct 17
Like a howling whale, the mighty ship sails;
One a million feet taller
And larger than anything ever seen

She sails across the seven seas
The cold waves kissing her,
As she moves with such pride;
Her sails gracing the humid air
Her mercy at the hands of sailors
Navigating and commanding

Sound of merriment ringing in the air;
Women and children chattering with no fear
Boastful mouths uttering things unfitting for the ears
Men in black emptying bottles and trays
Cheers of ecstasy embracing the night

Icebergs floating atop the waters
Waiting for its victim to arrive;
The great ship moving with such elegance and bravery;
The waters admiring her features;
Song of siren composed in her name
If only she could tell her end was near

Jessica Duru Oct 5
Heavy I walk
Legs quivering with despair
Holding me back so I may not reach that place I desire:
A place I seek
And have tried so much to reach, but to no avail

This burden I bear
This heaviness pulling me down
with no desire of letting go!
Making me wonder if it ever will
Or shall remain till the day I'm called home
To give an answer to the life that have yielded nothing, but utter pain.
At first, I felt there wasn't any need posting this here since I couldn't come up with a much suitable title, but then it occurred to me that there was actually nothing to be nervous about, and so I said, "You got the idea and everything, why don't you showcase it to the world and don't worry about the number of reactions you're gonna get?" So here I am.
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