SeaChel 10h
Goosebumps dance
on a pale stage,
following after
where your fingertips traced.

Your hot breath pours
across the nape of my neck,
sending a tsunami of shivers
my spine
and through my limbs.

I open my eyes
needing to look into your own,
but am met with
the damned ceiling.
I was dreaming
and yet I wasn't...

I dream that you're out there,
my dear,
living your own life
and maybe dreaming of me too.
The feeling of not being able to see a person in your dream is so frustrating.  I've had a reoccurring stranger in my dreams for the past couple years - blank faced, but I always know it's him - which makes me wonder if he's real and I meet him, will I know then too?
SeaChel 10h
My brain is moving

a million miles per hour,

though it pleads to stop.
SeaChel 1d
I thought I caught

the most prized fish;

breathtaking, rare, and all mine.

It was all a deception,

for what I actually got

was a slimy, ephemeral eel.
I know many wonderful Pisces, so not dissing on all those under the sign in any way <3
SeaChel 1d
Letting them win,
all those who hurt you,
made you question yourself,
and put you down
isn't in the form of a wall.
Put your defenses up,
but remember to let it down
from time to time
for those who matter.

When their actions
freeze your heart through,
you turn as cold as they,
when you can't be content,
and happiness is all but a lie,
then that is
letting them win.
SeaChel 7d
Aquarius Sun
Capricorn Rising
Scorpio Moon
This combination is antagonizing.

Detached all around,
yet intense emotions still rise.
Head and heart always fighting;
there's no compromise.

I can give zero fucks
and care more than I should too.
Though screw me over once and
I'll bid you adieu.

Although it is taxing
I wouldn't change anything at all
This is who I am,
I just have to endure the inner brawl.
Definitely a mixture I would not wish on anyone, but I still love it because it makes me who I am.
SeaChel 7d
I want to smother your lips

with my own,

to kiss you so hard

your lungs beg for air,

and spots dance in your vision

like fireworks on the Fourth.

I want you to forget.

Forget your name

and where you came from

because in that moment

it will only be

SeaChel Feb 12
When I care,

I care too much;

smothering the flame

before it can even think

of becoming a fire.

Yet once out,

those feelings vanish

along with the smoke.
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