SeaChel 1d
Another dawn breaks
Yet, my tired eyes stay shut;
Sleep remedies life.
SeaChel 3d
Upon waking every morning,
he'd study my cerulean eyes
so intensely, it was as though
he saw they held the secrets to life
and he was a desperate man in need.
Yet, one day,
he must have found something
dark and terrifying in their depths,
for he never immersed himself
in my watery orbs again.
SeaChel Jul 22
I’m riding this roller coaster
called life,
but the highs
are losing frequency,
and the lows
keep getting lower.
SeaChel May 8
I don't want a boy
who will dote on me like a princess.
I want a man
who will worship me like the goddess I am.
I want us to be equals in each other eyes
because I will treat him like he is my king.
SeaChel May 7
There's something about you
that still draws me in,
though maybe it's just remembering
how your lips tasted like sin.
There was the uncontrollable attraction
neither of us could deny,
but I've sobered up now
I'm no longer trapped in the high;

The false reality
that I created in my head
was just distraction,
like all those times in your bed.
Your tender touch
and sweet caress
were all just a ploy,
though you'd never confess.

Now I'm gone,
although you still try
to make me think you care,
but I won't fall for the lie.
I'm completely done with you now,
I'm over this strife,
so this is my spell
to cut you out of my life.
Words are more powerful than we think.
SeaChel Apr 28
I know I should not
let anyone's opinion of me
diminish my self worth.
Yet, the second after you told me
you no longer found me desirable,
all the confidence
I had been building up for the past decade
Faster and harder
than any star ever has ever collapsed before;
into this black hole,
which now consumes me.
SeaChel Apr 27
Every living person in this world
has their own universe
hiding in their eyes.
How beautiful is it then, that
when two people gaze into each others eyes,
they are in that moment,
sharing their entire universe
with one another.
The eyes are definitely a window to the soul; a person's universe and existence.
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