SeaChel Nov 2018
That day was a penultimate beginning of the end.
She had known it too
somewhere deep inside,
but it threatened to compromise her “happiness.”
So, she chose to disregard it completely,
although seemingly ridiculous notions
already started swirling through her mind.
Anxiety began to bubble up and
lllll  over.
Her locked away thoughts and feelings
ate away even more at her festering heart.
Then, it ended.
Slowly, so slowly,
she healed; returned to normal.
The scars are still there,
but she stands stronger than before.
Milestones hold some invisible power over me, but almost, almost I can breathe again
SeaChel Oct 2018
A force stronger than gravity
pushing down.
reaching out,
unable to find purchase;
but does it ever end?
SeaChel Oct 2018

Quite often, I ponder
“What’s worse?”
a love that once was
or a love that could have been
and the ”what if” that follows it?
SeaChel Oct 2018
How beautifully melancholic is it
that the person
who makes our whole world
also holds the power
to tear it



SeaChel Sep 2018
We used to say in the beginning
how it felt like such a dream.
Though, somehow
somewhere along our journey,
it turned into a nightmare.
The memories of us together,
I’ve now hidden.
Yet, I know where to find them
and sometimes I find myself
flipping through an album
of moments captured in time,
a reminder that at one point it was
most definitely a dream
and not just a night terror.
SeaChel Sep 2018
Every waking day
I am still haunted
by your lack of presence.
Even in dreams,
you’ve stopped showing,
as my soul has recognized
that you are no longer beside me.
SeaChel Aug 2018
Another dawn breaks
Yet, my tired eyes stay shut;
Sleep remedies life.
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