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Ezra Nov 2020
All this air around me and I still feel suffocated
and this is nowhere near what I have calculated
they ask me "What's wrong?" and I tell them you wouldn't understand because it's too complicated
this is why I'm always so isolated
do you know how long I've waited?
I never wanted to be the person she created
they look at me not at all fascinated
and I'm sure if I leave
they would feel the need to celebrate it
they tell me all these feelings that I am having
are just "too overstated"  
and that actually makes me feel irritated
and not at all motivated
just makes me feel... suffocated
Ezra Nov 2020
I wanted to die
I got up every day
wishing it would be my last

hoping day after day
that my time would
end fast

the words I didn't say
stayed there and threatened
to suffocate me

maybe that would be the reason
I die

or the reason I try
and stay alive.
may 14th 2020
Lulu Sarmiento Aug 2020
Breathe in, breathe out
One, two, three—
It’s a necessity.
But I beg to disagree—
It’s a luxury.
Sarabeth Nov 2019
Worry about the unknown,
  I do, I do.
Sick with thought,
  I am, I am.

My heart races and I can't escape.
My worried thoughts have taken hold.
My heart is squeezed, suffocated.

A gentle hand
  touches my mind.
My heart unravels,
  until next time.
Poetic T Oct 2019
Plastic seas
               suffocate oceans..

Bottled apocalypse...
Shane Leigh Jul 2019
There was something that I wanted to say,
but it was muted before I could utter the words.
Creeping, like vines, strangling a tree limb
it comes slowly,
over time,

The bark cracks and falls to the ground,
flying acrobatics this way and that as the wind carries it,
gently it so lands.
Those are NOT the words I thought I'd say;
but they crept towards my mouth
and, like insects escaping that suffocating tree,
they were free.
Hello (: ENJOY !!
© Shane Leigh
Matterhorn Apr 2019
Doggy paddle isn't swimming,
It's "active drowning."
The little pieces of information
Learned in the conference room of a YMCA,
Preparation to carry a red tube
And sit in a chair, observing;
To preside over age extremes
Swimming to and fro.

I sit in my chair
Carefully keeping track
As people come in and out of the room.
Someone comes up to me;
I stand up, shake their hand,
And maintain eye contact just as I was taught.
They walk away, leaving me to sink
Deeper and deeper into this chair.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
chitragupta Mar 2019
I can't move my wings
I can't move my feet
Stuck and suffocated
under a slowly closing lid

My ignorance invokes my ruin
I have been so stupid
If that justifies this punishment
then yes, devour me

dead ophelia Mar 2019
i wish i never be a fish,
the sad little, sensitive, unappreciative.
i wish i never knew how it feels to feel a thing if in the end i couldn’t even bare to feel anything.
i wish i wish i wish,
i wish i knew if i would be this suffocated,
i wish i never tried just to fall into the groud,
i wish i never be born.
i hate my birthday so much because this is the first day ever of my life that **** happens to me. yet the worst of all the time through the year is always my birthday every year. i dont even care anymore. nothing is matter.
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