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Äŧül Nov 2019
Similar but unidentical primers used,
To amplify the same gene
But from different organisms,
And the consequences are again
Similar but not identical.

A useful technique it is
As the genetic code
Itself is degenerate,
Meaning several different
Codons code for the same
Amino acid.

Different organisms
Are allowed this way
To have unique genetics
For highly similar proteins.

We use degenerate primers as well,
When designing is based
On protein sequences
Because of unknown
Codon sequences.

Them we may use
For resurrecting extinct animals
And play God.

It's already happening,
The beautiful Pyrenean Ibex,
Also known as the Bucardo,
Hunted down to extinction,
In past not so distant,
Was brought back to life.

The science used was biotechnology,
Degenerate primers and another
Technique known as SCNT,
Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer,
Used in synergy to bring the ibex back.
My HP Poem #1790
©Atul Kaushal
shiv Sep 2018
you wrapped your unending vulnerability
inside a cocoon of every single one of the
foul deeds you committed.
every shameful secret you bought to life.

and you wonder why you can never grow strong.
why the only part of you that can take a hit
is the armour you bought for far too little
to bleed into your blood stream and offer your body
the support your degenerate being can't supply.
Ron Gavalik Jul 2017
A young man with ***** hands
walked into the bar.
He sat next to a blonde
of about the same age
and ordered a beer.
"Don't even try to talk to me,"
she said in an arrogant tone.
The young man didn't speak.
Defeated, he climbed off the stool.
He took a pull from the beer
and then dropped a crinkled fiver.
As he walked out the door,
the girl laughed out loud.
She showed us all
who was boss.
Ron Gavalik Jun 2017
I loved you
every single day
especially those nights
you ******
other men
You’re better than me
but you kept coming
back for more
Ron Gavalik May 2017
‪I don't just love you;‬
I love your imperfections,
those hard memories
beneath kind eyes,
when I watch you
gaze out my window
every morning
Ron Gavalik Mar 2017
‪I am you‬
‪and you‬
‪are my enemy‬
‪Late at night‬
‪I plot your demise‬
‪In the mornings‬
‪In the evenings‬
‪I beg forgiveness‬
‪The cycle‬
‪never ends‬
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Ron Gavalik Jan 2017
Sins are often forgotten.
Brain molecules are overwritten,
cell pathways erased,
as good conquers evil.
The righteous actions that ignite enlightenment
and solace for the sins we can't remember
are also eventually forgotten,
because evil also devours virtue
in what priests and monks refer to
as an ancient and everlasting battle.

Some people live out their lives in solitude.
We see them in quiet jobs,
alone in libraries and coffee shops.
They patiently wait out the battle
for the day when the struggle ends
and they finally know tranquility

Others choose action,
to play their roles as instruments, weapons,
sometimes for the forces of good
and sometimes for the forces of evil.
I’ve chosen to add my flavor of mayhem to the world,
inspired in forgotten nightmares
and during quiet car rides home
after the job has drained the last drops
of energy and self-respect.

Without the battle
humanity certainly would be boring.
Unfortunately for all of us
nothing is quite so dull
as serenity.
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Ron Gavalik Jan 2016
On barstools, people drone on endlessly
about meditation and yoga and hot yoga
or cold jogging, and bicycling in special pants.
‘It gives you a high,’ they say.
‘You’re on top of the world,’ they scream.
The saps push their new religions
with the gusto of car salesmen.
When it’s a woman, I politely listen
between mouthfuls of whiskey and ginger ale.
When it’s a man, I shut him down
early in his ramble. I tell him to
grow a pair.

Curvaceous women with long hair
and ***** that easily get wet,
bourbon that melts the top layer of ice,
pocketing a few bucks after sinking the 8 ball,
those are the legal addictions,
I tell punks
that give a man small escapes,
the sins he commits to feel whole.
A man who knows the desperation
of fulfilling temptations always
works harder to stay one step ahead
of the game.

Those are the addictions,
I tell men in designer clothes,
that **** us
when we least expect
our demise.
To be included in my next collection, **** River Sins.
Ron Gavalik Jan 2016
I only think about you
at night
when consciousness
surrenders to regret
Madness then swims free
in a polluted oil
of memories
we call sin
Experience Hot Metal Tonic, ******!
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