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Becca Feb 2019
‘I need help’

I said as I grasped for words to describe the un describable

‘You’re fine’

My hands slipped off the mountain as I feel into the colorless void
Becca Dec 2018
I don't feel comfortable in
my own skin
so I wear the skin of others
to comfort my being
Becca Dec 2018
they tell me how to live my life
and do you know the funny thing about that?
the funny thing is,
is that they don't know the nights
the reasons
that's lead to the bags under my eyes
Becca Dec 2018
I picked the words out of his soul one by one
Then I instantly put them back
Because he didn’t know who he was
Becca Dec 2018
Sometimes so many ideas
are rushing through my head
That I cry tears
Of words
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