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Theanm Ankh May 24
God sinned when he gave me nerve endings at 9 years old
I've got a mind full of mold and lips that
when kissed
turn into solid gold
Don't listen to what I say:
I'm okay I am alright I'm fine
Instead act on my ever-extending un-exiting untold
Do not pretend to know me
Just know
You're mine
Procrastinating final exam preparations
Theanm Ankh Apr 20
I'm so upset with the world,
I've decided there's nothing right left to sea.
The Eiffel Tower can go **** itself,
The Leaning Tower of Pizza too.

I have torn myself to pieces on the fence that is bureaucracy
I get out the car, on the ledge, and plunge into the blue;
Look out God! I'm coming back to you!

Tell me you still think I'm funny,
Because you don't know it's breaking me in three.
Roughly inspired by Andrew Jackson Jihad's "Normalization Blues"
Theanm Ankh Mar 28
Tonight I'm in for a loop
Today I'm on a roll
She smacks my head against the counter and says:
"Don't hurt yourself"
Mouth full of knives,
She embeds her glittering lips all over my body
I scream and I thrash and I bleed all over the bathroom tile
And I smile
Today I'm in for a loop
Tonight I'm on a roll
Theanm Ankh Mar 15
High on acid with steam-filled lungs;
I call my poor mother and tell her I'm fine,
I fetch my good brother and tell him to bring me the gun.
Theanm Ankh Feb 4
Pepper runs deep in my veins.
I am speed,
Salty, light, and ever so gent-
-ly freckled.
Slip through your fingers like time and
Twist myself around some others like twine
Climb inside,
Spill a bottle of cheap wine,
**** yourself dry
Day and day again
Down till you die
From Thanksgiving
Theanm Ankh Oct 2021
driving east to 'Zona
Right on track.
Gonna take her off,
Run right up
Cut to black.
Bully for the woman who held me back.

All s'posed to be over
Now I'm standing in the suburbs,
Maybe if you hadn't said you loved me
I might still
Theanm Ankh May 2021
but a thought
misinterpreted metal man
carved of an art
chisel block,
ished by history and hate
roses always bloom be
The light that illuminates
the beach watchers.
beach watchers.
I will alter for you.
Inspired by Jaume Plensa's artwork
Poem's a little choppy though
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