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Sanjali Jan 2018
-Coming Home-

The door creaked open
And dust flew from the floor,
Shimmering in the sunlight,
As I came home.
Cracking walls were a surprise
Next to my room’s door,
Cement broke under my feet
And a gecko ran into its hole.
But it seemed as I had left it
The windows that were closed,
My books and seashells waiting
And the clock ticking on.
Amidst the cold surfaces
Sometimes we find ourselves,
Familiarity seems to be the reason
To love and connect.
I felt them all welcoming
Though tired from their sleep,
Stretching under my gentle touch
Mocking eternity.
The hands showed me all
That I thought I had missed,
The seconds ticked by,
There I was, with nothing amiss.
Aerinlia Nov 2017
A sneaky rat and a little gecko
Both lived in a family house
The little gecko always greeted the family
The sneaky rat always stole their food

The family loved the little gecko
Because it was cute and kind
The family hated the sneaky rat
Because it kept creating a mess

They set a trap for the rat
Hoping that they could get rid of it
But the sneaky rat was clever
And told the gecko to get the food from the trap

The little, innocent gecko stepped on the trap
And the sneaky rat ran away
Even the family couldn't help the little gecko
Now it is trapped there forever.
OnyxSea Nov 2017
Born I live,
happy and free.

Roaming the houses like a chimpanzee,
but I'm a Gecko, how can that be?
I chase after the insects and all pests that be,
for the sake of my stomach, and friends-that-be.

Eventually I grow,
a long tail and a ***,
larger than the biggest cockroaches that roam.
I live completely peacefully,
no **** to be seen,
nor scaring the daylights,
out of the family with me.

My life is short,
but I am happy.
Insects and friends,
who always join me.

The same family every day which I see,
giving me a job,
and leaving a warm house for me.

I live in peace,
up to my end.
Living and leaving,
a legacy to defend.

Passing the torch on to my descendents-to-be,
I close my eyes,
never to open them again.

May all that know me,
by sight or by scent,
live happily like me,
to their own life's end.
Invocation Oct 2015
She's strong and wise and sticky fingered
She's squishy and smart and colourful and fun
She's small and quick and shiny
And she's gonna find herself in
Being free
Spread ur wangs leetle gecker.
Oita Robisi Oct 2014
Why am I not enough -- why am I not more,
The bright of increase blinds my thoughts,
Blood and sweat will spend it all,
To gain my freedom from the tyrant Wants,

I sit down by the roasting boar,
With fleeting joy I revel in my spoil,
My thoughts yearn still for the elusive more,
Enough it seems I will never employ.
Inspired by the pressures of expectation

— The End —