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Seranaea Jones Mar 2021

in a landfill one day i saw an
immigrant family take an old
bed and strap it across the top
of a banged up SUV that was

missing it's left front clip, the
headlight was taped where a
socket would have held it,
like a discombobulated eyeball

clearly marked on the edge
of the mattress was the
following in Red Sharpie—


the same warning i remember  
writing on Momma's deathbed
decades earlier, her stain clearly
visible on one side.

there was nothing to be said, 
even if i could speak fluently
against what was apparently

—for them—

clearly accepted

s jones
Mar 2021

01 Mar 2021
NO means NO means NO means NO

I am truth
Truth, you'll never know

The one who turns a NO to YES
To suit them best
To rob what isn't theirs

The one who turns a NO to YES
Will never feel Truth's caress

Will never feel the raw beauty
Of living with integrity

NO means NO means NO means NO

We both know it's time for you to go.
Did I stutter?
Living with the Living cell(virus) ,
is known as Dying
Living with the Living cell(virus) =Dying
© Feelings Coated
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
If you want to know
What you meant to me?

Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vibe Calculation
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