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—a buyer and seller
of mostly himself

—a ***** on the take
and about to slip

Each made promises to the other
but both loved journeys
and valleys
and limericks
and turntables
and spirits
and skirt-raising
and slowdives
and lip-biting
and come-hither
more than their here-and-now vow

Trigger-happy begetter
with an ax to grind
killing captives slowly
with jagged little things
it's the strangest sound
in spite of the plight of
the ringing in his ears
it never fades away

I reckon numbers and lead are arbitrary
to a button man
whose wheels turn circles
mainly in his skull
as infinite go-around

Never mind though, the time must be now
for a show of hands

Motherhood waited in the ship's hold
until the treasure hunt
brought her to this final island
a choice between gold
and the aging ******

The young who suckle at her breast
might one day run mum through
with the sword at Payback
—that unsteady little homestead
where profit and loss
share the same face

Never mind though, the moment must be now
to ring the bell

And raise redemption
like a burning flag of regret
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2020
Earth is in orbit.

I can see it in the window.

From the window of this

A crew of
Four souls

In gravitational symphony.

A crew of
Four colors

Ad rem and

The vastness of space
Brought us together.

What's the transmission?

"Why can't the world below
Live like this?"
Andy Chunn Jul 2020
About the time you voiced to me
Above the river, by the tree
Across the bridge we saw the lights
Against the setting moon of night.

Behind my fears and fitful mood
Beside the others chatting rude
Between my silence and vacant  talk
By evening on a summer walk.

Except for fumbled fervent words
For you I wish my feelings heard
From a challenged passive way
In wait my lonely times would lay

Into the words, what could I do
Of nouns and verbs and pronouns too
On days I scout without success
Over terms I should address

Through magic words a pact is made
To phrasing language dues are paid
Toward prepositions, there points a sign
Upon the start  of every  line
Toward the goal I say.
J J Jul 2020
I had blood in my eyes but was lost

For years before, drifting like a pupeteered

White shadow being sprung along the pavement.

Remember when I first met you

Your cheeks were like bitten roses

And I could see the hinges of your glasses

As your hair was clipped so short. Broken-hearted Delia

Gambling with someone who'd have done less damage

Left alone. We keep getting ourselves stranded but how far

We've gotten still. I lived long enough to send you the ashes
Of my fallen body double.

You managed to paint the image in the mirror as a butterfly
Without altering a thing. We'll get there.

Remember when I first met you when all we wanted to do was die? Remember when

You first held my hand and I said that that Beatles song didn't sound so cheesy anymore?

No. Because I didn't say that; it would have ruined the moment surely. I might've thought it

Although I'm sorry if I did. When I'm worried I think of the oddest escape clauses; but I'm sure

That moment went by in a peaceful silence. Dead of night.

I ensure your saftey with my life, I think we'll make this worth

every bit of energy we have. Soles slapping the salty concrete

  and capturing frost. The stars are out again. I wonder if they're the same stars. I wonder why they look so different tonight

Than when we look up at them together x
In the need of a loan,
Let’s meet some officers who must not a con.
Mr. Terrier, the senior one,
Always FRISKY and care for none.

The morning routine starts so early.
Trying to look DAPPER with hair curly.
The skin of brown and polished BOOT
I tried to look professional and cute.

The meeting started and Officer looks firm.
Presented us with all the loan term.
The terms we agreed and the agreement signed.
Now the chores are done and an assistant is assigned.

The assistant looks like as young LAD.
Hope he had all the experience and be true to our FACE.
The day went well and now time to sleep.
There must be some dream, waiting long deep.
A requirement of a loan leads to a simple regular encounter explained.
Karijinbba Apr 2020
April 54 - Jan 51
I promise to honor you to love you to never conceal epics of my life no matter how tragicly painful a victim fated to lose loved ones I was.
I promise to share my Joy's passions and all my pain.
Darling beloved King of hearts. Heart of gold twin soul,
in another life if you ask me
to marry you I will say I do!
And I will spill my heart to
say I love you, I am sorry
I will marry you timely
if I must
my dearest precious Beast.

From my virginity I promise to be only yours your first love
your last love
I promise to love, to cherish to join making mad passionate love to you as you and me did
once upon a time
I promise to fill up our world
or heaven with children
that look just like you and me
There will be no hell
no wars no disease no pandemics there will be a paradise
new world imagine
I promise to continue to not be jealous without justified reason
not greedy nor malicious
and to share you rather than
to lose you lover divine
if need be, naturally.

I promise to forgive you
if you hurt me despite amazing creative and passionate romantic venues in each other's arms.
I promise to love you like I was never hurt in this Earth or past lives by you or anyone else.

I promise to forgive you seventy times seventy if you ever cheated on me and fill up rooms with red roses peony and carnations
to make up to heal our hurt
as long as you never abandon me and our kids for another woman
like you did in this lifetime
after we found each other again and again you always
left me behind and another waited for you for money

I promise to tell you if anyone has hurt you very deeply
that you can heal with me
we can have a beautiful huge family to cherish adore
that physically mentally I am attracted to you and wish
to earn your love if necessary.

I promise to place all my good fortunes inheritances in your hands to give you and your family every treasure I possess
so you will never be afraid
that I will abandon you
for any other person.
You will give me your heart
and I will give you mine
to know each others secrets
and hope we won't have to cry.

you will cry knowing my sufferings and I will bitterly weep knowing yours loving me
if we are ever a bit apart
we will find each other timely
and never part.

Before we die of natural causes our children will be
by our bed side
we will watch a video of our happily ever wedding day.
I promise to be burried by your side eternaly to rest by your side our mortal vessels my beloved.

You must promise to keep me
to grab me heart spirit soul body and all when you find me again
darling beloved.
Beg if you must lift me off my feet take me home lay me down in you bed call me wife
best wife best lover best Mom best friend
like you wrote with our prenuptials in this life time.
If there is anything you wish to change in our prenuptial
agreement for our next lifetime wedding day
or change anything here
please do so
By Karijinbba
©Copy Rights apply.
In memory of Rdd/BBA Jpc /!JPT
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
In our mutual agreement of togetherness, I was alone.
I'll just start posting lines I never found a use for, maybe this will be a good home for them.
Emilio Aug 2019
Away; I went off.
Agreed to wait for our love.
I came back, you're gone.
What the fck happened?
Malavika Vipin Dec 2018
One day my mind, which is chaotic tried to recollect the past
Yes, I need to do this....
After a breakup my mind is really worried
And now it has crash landed into the world of words .
How? why I'm like this?
May be this is the reality ;
It is like a splatter film, appalling and dreadful .

How did you turned my world upside down ?
Even a single word of "love " could have defined me
But now not just the whole poem.
The whole world thwarted my efforts
Break up with cruel “****-sapiens” is like a big crambo !

You were ready to make agreements
Put your ***** "cool" signature
On the sheets made with my blood
What happened with all that love letters ?
Now all that has ended up like a scrounging note
A promise that you had never accomplished!

It is too late my dear.....
Even the prayer "sustainable " will never save you.
Now accept the reality ,
From Rio to Paris nothing has changed
But I have changed a lot.....
I have lost almost everything.

I will not protect you anymore
You will repay for all the atrocities
This is not just the curse of your ex,
This is the grudge of being unfortunate
Only because I was in love with you.
Are you still longing for more ?

April twenty second will always be cherished
The day that has been put aside by you for me, isn't it ?
Oops, again I forgot...
The day created in my name for you,
To fill your annual report sheets .
My dear it's time to pay for your sins
Before that I bid you goodbye.

Note : April 22 nd Earth day or it can be read as anniversary of the lovers .
Poem can be read simply with the theme of "break up" as well as the grievance of earth towards the human beings.
*Earth is depicted as ex of humanbeings here.
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