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Hammad Mar 2021
My Heart
was like a
And You,
(The cupid)
How Cruel of you
when you didn't flinch,
drew the bow
and Shot
Hammad Mar 2021
The noises
don't let me sleep
at the day
And The Silence
Keeps me awake
At Night
Hammad Feb 2021
Love is like diving into the raging river,
It keeps throwing you
into the cold and turbulent current
and you find yourself
being ****** into a whirlpool,
swirling down to the river bed

It scours out
the traits and traces of you
It tests your grit
and Everyday you find the courage
to dive again,
tread the waters
and just keep learning
to stay afloat...
Hammad Jan 2021
The noise inside my head
is so loud
that it doesn't let my voice in

and yet,
Something in it changes
all the chaos and swirl
fall into silence
when You Speak...
Hammad Jan 2021
Walking side by side
For million miles
amd yet
Like the two river banks
Hammad Jan 2021
You were long gone
My Dear!
But for some reason
I kept sending you
The Postcards
and now I know
Why they say
"Old habits die hard"
Hammad Jan 2021
What needs to let go
must be let go
- There's no other way around
How can you fly
with the dead weight
weighing you down?
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